zeko1985 Wins $220,000 Using Poker Bot on Full Tilt Poker

Full Tilt PokerThe online poker community has been told that they could be playing against poker bots while playing at Full Tilt Poker, just like the player ‘zeko1985’.

The unknown American player opened up to his antics in Two Plus Two poker forums, where he revealed that over the past 30 months, he has been represented at the tables by a computer program known as a bot.

He also revealed that during that time scale, the automated poker playing robot had managed to bank him $220,000 while in action at the tables.

Poker bots are considered to be illegal but it seems that more and more players are looking to develop their own version of the bot in order to increase their playing capabilities and hopefully increase their winnings.

Although the program is considered to be illegal, ‘zeko1985’ expressed his opinion on the matter, saying that although he is not in control of the action while the bot is functioning, it was him that programmed it and so it can only be him that is responsible for the decisions that it makes.

“Its my mind dictating my bots’ actions, its my in-depth poker knowledge, it takes a lot of skill to make winning bots. I should not be banned as it’s a form of poker.” said ‘zeko1985’.

The decision to tell the online community about his actions on Full Tilt Poker comes after the site finally caught up with his methods and banned him from the site, although he has already admitted that he still runs his bots on the iPoker Network.

As a parting shot from the online poker room, the mystery player said that he thought that Full Tilt Poker knew about his actions long before they banned him, accusing them of using him to create more rake at the site, a share of poker funds that are played which is retained by the site.

‘zeko1985’ said that although the site might have known about his decision to use an automated program to play his games, they seemed to look the other way, saying that he became less careful about the amount of hours that he was running the bot as it seemed to be more like a partnership.

“I am a high volume partner, and botting should be allowed, it’s a form of poker at its purest” he said in his conclusion of his statement.