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The 2020 World Series of Poker was postponed for a couple of months, meaning there are no WSOP events in Rio Las Vegas right now. All of this happened due to the coronavirus pandemic that’s currently present in the US as well.

However, the team behind WSOP did not leave poker lovers empty-handed. In fact, they decided to have a 12-ring tournament take place on the web that ran until June 14.

Players from Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware had an opportunity to compete for lucrative cash prizes and other interesting awards.

Event #11 was pretty exciting, as it was the last event to take place before the grand finale. It offered $150,000 in guaranteed prizes, and it was a No-Limit Hold ’em Double Stack event with 2x re-entries allowed.

To take part in it, players had to pay the buy-in price of $320. A total of 449 players were registered, along with 246 rebuys, meaning that 695 entries were recorded, creating the prize pool os $208,500. The top 75 players were able to make it to the money list, and the minimum amount that was paid to them was $667.

A player called “macallan25” was the one to win the title in the end, along with a gold ring — one of the highest accolades in poker. Their prize was $51,082 for reaching the first place. Moreover, “macallan25” received a guaranteed spot in the Global Casino Championship that will also take place online.

The winner did not have an easy task in front of them, as they had to face players such as Robert Mather (aka “bobeads”) and Rafael Perry (aka “sosana”).

Many great players managed to earn money from this event but failed to make it to the final table. Shaun “nyjets23” O’Donnell ended up in the 16th position and earned $1,668.

Also, Andrew “randylerch” Kelsall was 28th, earning $834, and Timothy “valuebet” Rhoda was 49th for $708. Kevin “TheRealKG” Gerhart barely made it to the money list, with $667 payout for 73rd place.

Some great poker players failed to make it to the money list, such as Jose “deposit Noboa, David “TheClubber” Larson, Darren “avocadotoast” Rabinowitz, and Jeff “mavsusc” Platt.

The Final Table Results & Overview

The first player to hit the rail in the ninth position was “disneydeb,” who won $3,023 for their effort. They were soon followed by a player that uses the nickname “Kdruck” who won $4,587 for being eighth.

After that, it was time for Rafale “sosana” Perry to say goodbye to the competition, earning a total of $6,880 as the seventh-place player.

Sixth place belonged to John Allan Hinds, who uses the nickname “beastro” in the world of online poker. Hinds earned a total of $9,174 for his effort.

The fifth place was reserved for a player nicknamed “brownbomber3,” who was also the first player in this event to win a five-figure score with $11,259.

A player nicknamed “jadylan” ended up fourth and won $13,334. After that, it was time for Raymond “igivbadbeats” Palmieri to hit the rail, winning a total of $17,514.

The two remaining players who engaged in the heads-up play were Robert “bobeads” Mather and “macallan25.” However, “macallan25” was the better one in the end, and Mather had to go for the consolation prize of $28,668.

This was an overview of Event #11. Only one event is left, and that’s the most important one — the Main Event, which is currently underway at the moment of writing this piece.