WPT Borgata Championship Final Table Led by David Paredes

WPT Borgata Championship Final Table Led by David ParedesDavid Paredes holds a narrow chip lead over Anthony Maio as just six players remain in the $3 million guaranteed WPT Borgata Winter Poker Open Championship.

Following Wednesday´s fourteen-hour marathon session, there was another long day at the Borgata Poker Rooms yesterday, as it took more than twelve hours to whittle the thirty-six players who took their seats at the start of play down to a final table of six.

At the close of play, David Paredes holds a narrow chip lead over Anthony Maio, with WPT Jacksonville winner Jared Jaffee sitting in third position overnight ahead of Day 3 chip leader Farid Jattin, the rather fortunate Robert Murello back in fifth and the practically anonymous Vladislav Mezheritsky in sixth.

Day 4 Starts with a Rush of Eliminations

Few would have forecast that it would take a twelve hour session to reach the final table of the WPT Borgata Winter Poker Open Championship during the first few levels of Day 4, when a significant number of players were eliminated from the event.

Bryan Choi was responsible for the first KO of the day when his A 10♣ turned a pair of Tens to best Anthony Bellino´s pocket Deuces, and Bellino was quickly followed by Joseph Ruff (A Q♠ < Justin Lunin-Pack´s A♠ K♠), John Holley (Q 4 < Matthew Parry´s Q♠ Q♣) and Joe Serock, whose K Q♠ failed to improve past Frank Toscano´s A Q.

Maio and Murello Start to Climb – Jaffee Moves Ahead

As the eliminations continued, Anthony Maio and Robert Murello started to improve their positions. Maio accounted for Michael Weber A K♠ > J 10, while Murello came from behind to send Aditya Prasetyo to the rail K♣ J > A 4.

Overnight chip leader Farid Jattin fell from the top of the leaderboard when declined to call Katayon Khaterzai´s post-River bet and lost 240,000 chips, and it was Jared Jaffee who temporarily took control of the WPT Borgata Championship Event with the dual KO of Matthew Parry (2 2♣ > 8♣ 7♣) and Chad Brown (A♣ J♣ > K 8).

Leaders Flip-Flop as Field Reduces to Two Tables

With big pay jumps starting to kick in, the pace of the game slowed down. Anthony Maio moved up to the top of the leaderboard after eliminating Faraz Jaka K♣ K > Q♠ J♠ on a Queen-high board, but Farid Jattin soon regained top position when busting out Byron Kaverman A♠ J > 8 9♦} after Kaverman had missed all his outs on the flop of 10 10♠ 7.

However, Jattin doubled up both Vladislav Mezheritsky (A♣ Q♣ < 9♠ 9♣) and Anthony Maio (7 6 > K♠ Q) and, as the game went twelve-handed, Jared Jaffee was back in front after flopping a pair of Queens to bust Keith Crowder A Q♣ > A K in a 4.65 million chip pot.

And Then Came Paredes

Just before the WPT Borgata Championship was reduced to two tables, David Paredes had been among the “also-rans” as far as prominence in the event was concerned. However, after busting out Kalyan Gullapalli 9 9 > A 7 (courtesy of a rivered 9♠) we went on a heater.

After forcing Anthony Maio out of a 600,000 pot, he took another 2.5 million pot from Maio and Bryan Choi with post-flop aggression, and then bust Choi in ninth when his pocket Queens held against Choi´s A Q to finish the day with 9,650,000 chips.

Looking Ahead to the WPT Borgata Championship Final Table

The day came to a close when Farid Jattin´s A 6 held against Justin Lunin-Pack´s Q J to eliminate Lunin-Pack in eighth position, and Kunal Patel saw his Aces cracked by Anthony Maio´s turned set of Deuces – sending Patel to the rail in seventh place and enabling Maio to move up within two big blinds of the chip leader.

When play resumes at the Borgata Poker Rooms this evening, players will be half-way through Level 31 (blinds 50,000/100,000 – ante 10,000). Play will continue until a winner is found and the first place cheque of $842,379 is awarded.

# WPT Borgata Winter Championship Chips
1 David Paredes 9,650,000
2 Anthony Maio 9,500,000
3 Jared Jaffee 6,620,000
4 Farid Jattin 6,115,000
5 Anthony Merulla 3,445,000
6 Vladislav Mezheritsky 1,390,000