Win a MILLIONS Online Seat in Tomorrow´s BIG Bounty Hunter

Party Poker is giving players the chance to win a MILLIONS Online seat by knocking out sponsored pros in tomorrow´s $5.50 buy-in BIG Bounty Hunter tournament.

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Big Bounty Hunter at Party Poker
Party Poker is giving players the chance to win a MILLIONS Online seat by knocking out sponsored pros in tomorrow´s $5.50 buy-in BIG Bounty Hunter tournament.

If you have been dreaming of competing in the world´s most valuable online poker tournament – December´s $20 million guaranteed [geolink href=”″]MILLIONS Online event[/geolink] – but don´t have the funds or the time to go through the qualification process, you might want to have a look at tomorrow evening´s $5.50 buy-in BIG Bounty Hunter tournament at Party Poker.

The progressive KO event will feature ten Party Poker sponsored pros, and the site will award a $109 MILLIONS Online satellite ticket to any player who knocks out one of the pros. If you knock out two of the pros, the prize increases to a $530 MILLIONS Online satellite ticket; and, if you eliminate three sponsored pros, you will be awarded a direct entry into the target event worth $5,300.

About BIG Bounty Hunter Tournaments

Every evening at 6:00pm BST, Party Poker hosts six BIG Bounty Hunter tournaments with buy-ins ranging from $0.22 to $530.00. The reason for these progressive KO tournaments being given the name “BIG” is because they have BIG guarantees and consequently attract BIG fields. It is not unusual to find more than two thousand players competing in the smaller buy-in events.

In each BIG Bounty Hunter tournament, half the buy-in is the bounty on each player´s head. When you knockout a player, you win half their bounty, while the other half is added to the bounty on your own head. By the time the event reaches its latter stages, the bounties become quite valuable. In some cases you can win more money for knocking out other players than you will get for winning the tournament.

Tomorrow´s MILLIONS Online BIG Bounty Hunter

The event to look out for tomorrow is the BIG Bounty Hunter tournament with a $5.50 buy-in (see image below). Although it has an early start time, there is 2¼ hours of late registration, during which time players can re-enter up to twice if they are eliminated during the early levels. Players start with 100,000 chips, and at the end of late registration this still equates to a starting stack of more than 21 Big Blinds.

Where to Find the BIG Bounty Hunter in the Poker Lobby

It is important to note you will only be eligible for a prize in this promotion if you knockout a sponsored pro on your first entry. Each of the pros (who cannot re-enter) can be identified by a diamond symbol next to their names, and any satellite tickets you win must be used within seven days. Eight of the ten pros playing in tomorrow night´s event have already been confirmed. They are:

Party Poker Pros Confirmed for Wednesday 24th October
Player Screen Name Player Screen Name
Richard Dubini RichyDubini Day Kotoviezy daykotoviezy
Lui Martins LuiMartins Renato Nomura renatonomura
Natalia Breviglieri N4talB Louise Butler lou045
Padraig Parkinson PadraigParky Phillipp Gruissem Phil_Gruissem

What if You Cannot Play Tomorrow Evening?

If you cannot play tomorrow evening, there´s no need to panic. Party Poker has said it will run this promotion for six weeks until Wednesday November 28th with the same $5.50 event used each week. Unfortunately you will not be able to convert any satellite tickets you win into T$ if you are unable to use them. The only exception to this rule is if you win a $5,300 entry ticket on all six weeks because there are only five Day1s in the MILLIONS Online event.

Nonetheless, we believe this is one of the best MILLIONS Online promotions Party Poker has run to date. Usually, knocking out three players from a $5.50 buy-in BIG Bounty Hunter tournament might only get you $6.86. If you knockout three sponsored pros tomorrow evening, your ultimate prize could be much higher. Therefore, if you are available to play in tomorrow´s BIG Bounty Hunter tournament, make sure you visit Party Poker and take advantage of this opportunity.

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  • William says:

    I am surprised that Johnathan Little, isn’t on the roster after all I just listened to how he took $50 and turned it into $300,000 at party poker.

    Whew! the stakes are high here ( but I will have to pass on this tournament and hope I have enough SKILLS next year.