William Hill Poker Bonus

William Hill Poker has, since 2008, been one of the most popular skins on the iPoker network – with a generous reward program, innovative promotions and exclusive poker tournaments available for William Hill Poker clients. Now there is an additional reason to consider William Hill Poker as one of the best sites to play on – a whopping 200% match on your first deposit of up to £1,250 POUNDS ($2,000)!

This William Hill Poker bonus is one of the largest available on the internet, but before you click on the link below to register an account and make your first deposit, you need to be aware of some of the terms and conditions attached to this offer.

How to Clear Your William Hill Poker Bonus

The 200% match up to £1,250 ($2,000) William Hill Poker Bonus is released into your account at increments of $5.00 (dollars!) every time you collect 350 WH Points. WH Points are awarded when you pay rake in a cash ring game or pay a fee to enter a Sit ´n´ Go or multi table poker tournament and, like many other sites, are awarded on a sliding scale. As most players will be used to playing in dollars (and redeeming poker bonuses in dollars), we are going to convert the £1,250 William Hill Poker bonus into $2,000 to explain how best to clear your William Hill Poker bonus.

If you follow standard poker bankroll management and have just deposited best part of two thousand dollars into a poker account you would normally be competing a tables with a $5.00/$10.00 stake limit (BBs = 1/200th of your bankroll). However, due to caps on the amount of rake that is deducted from these tables (max $3.00), it is far better to multitable on the $2.00/$4.00 tables while collecting the WH Points to redeem your William Hill Poker bonus – not only because the $3.00 cap still applies (*), but because there is more action on them during the day.

(*)The rake is capped at $1.00 in most games, but goes up to $3.00 in cash games with stakes of $2.00/$4.00 and higher, and to $5.00 in No Limit /Pot Limit games above $25.00/$50.00 (Flop Limit games >$50.00/$100.00)

Even on the loosest of tables, you are probably going to see 60 “rakeable” hands an hour (William Hill Poker operates a “No Flop – No Drop” policy in which no rake is deducted in hands which are won before the flop is dealt),and assuming that you participate in 20% of them with an average pot value of $60.00, you will be collecting nine points per hand, or a total of 108 an hour (subject to the contribution you made to the pot). Play on four of these tables at a time, and you will be collecting 432 WH Points an hour on top of any winnings you accomplish.

What the William Hill Poker Bonus Means in Your Pocket

Still working in dollars, the total number of WH Points needed to clear the $2,000 (£1,250) William Hill Poker Bonus is 131,250. This means (at the rate of 432 WH Points per hour) you will need to play for 304 hours within the 60 day qualification period in order to clear the lot – or a little over five hours a day. You can reduce the amount of time playing at the tables by multitabling more games at one time (the William Hill Poker software allows you to play 16 tables at once) provided you get the action you need and can still focus on keeping on top of your game. You do not want to lose all your money trying to clear a bonus which equates to less than £5.00 per hour!

Tournament players will find the redemption of the $2,000 (£1,250) William Hill Poker deposit a little less demanding, although the rewards for going deep in some of the feature tournaments can be more valuable than the William Hill Poker bonus itself! Those who wish to focus on clearing the William Hill Poker bonus quickly and safely will want to focus on the $50.00 + $5.00 Double or Nothing 6 Max Turbos, which award 150 WH Points for each game and are over within an hour. By multitabling four of these games an hour, you will collect a total of 600 WH Points an hour (as well as your winnings!) and will only need to play for a little more than three and a half hours a day in order to redeem the full bonus within 60 days.

Other Benefits of Playing on William Hill Poker

As well as the stunning William Hill Poker bonus, there are a number of other benefits to registering an account with William Hill Poker. First of all, you will receive four tournament entry tokens for William Hill Poker´s weekly depositors restricted freeroll tournament with $1.000 guaranteed prize fund in each game. You will also receive a tournament entry token for the William Hill Poker prize freeroll – again a restricted tournament – in which you can win one of these superb prizes:-

  • Laptop
  • Sony Handcam
  • Samsung Phone Omnia
  • Canon Digicam G9
  • Sony PS3
  • Nintendo Wii

The William Hill Poker VIP Rewards Scheme is also potentially very lucrative – offering players the opportunity to exchange the WH Points they collected in pursuit of the William Hill Poker bonus for cash, tournament entries or gifts from the online shop. If you have collected the full 131,250 WH Points needed to convert the £1,250 William Hill Poker Bonus, you can exchange them for a further £120.00, or you might want to hang onto them to get bigger rewards and entries into more valuable tournaments.

William Hill Poker Bonus Summary

The William Hill Poker bonus is not only one of the most lucrative offers currently available, but also one of the simplest to clear. In our example above, we focused on playing four tables at a time. With the potential of being able to play sixteen tables at once, in theory, it would be possible to clear the full bonus with only an hours play each day – or put in a sixty hour session and clear the bonus within three days! Other rewards enhance the value of the £1,250 William Hill Poker bonus but, as all good things always come to an end, you are advised to take advantage of this exceptional offer while it still lasts! Register your account today by using the link below.