Vsegris Wins PokerStars Sunday Million

PokerStarsMay arrived with the fist installment of the biggest weekly online poker tournament – the PokerStars’ Sunday Million. There were a total of 5,744 runners for the $200+$15 buy-in no-limit hold’em tournament, creating an impressive prize pool of $1,148,800 which exceeded the $1 million guarantee.

After the six-and-a-half hour mark the field was reduced down to 100 players, with ElverGalinda the chip leader at that point. Another hour after that, there were only 50 runners left, with ElverGalinda still holding the overall chip lead.

With 30 players left ElverGalinda still remained in the top five, but eventually exited in 22nd place. However, after the nine-and-a-half hour mark, Pinowww had taken a commanding chip lead with more than 16 million chips. It appeared as though Pinowww was going to repeat his success at the 11/21/10 Sunday Warm-Up tourney, taking that one down for $148,975.39.

With just nine players left, the remaining player’s chip stacks were as follows:

Seat 1: katalanon — 5,893,092

Seat 2: andreyluis — 3,943,358

Seat 3: Stunts25 — 5,655,466

Seat 4: Teuton1 — 7,420,787

Seat 5: KOKY3135 — 5,051,720

Seat 6: zakarias22 — 3,563,645

Seat 7: Pinowww — 16,883,296

Seat 8: Dictionary11 — 2,142,526

Seat 9: Vsegris — 6,886,110

The first elimination of the final table came after 15 minutes, and when it did the floodgates opened, with a rush of eliminations. From there the two chip leaders in Pinowww and Vsegris took care of all of the remaining eliminations.

First it was zakarias22 out in seventh and then KOKY3135 was out in sixth. Shortly after that, Teuton1 moved all in preflop for 3,909,951 hoping his A-7 offsuit would be good enough, but Vsegris woke up with a big hand in the small blind and called with A-Q. The 5-J-6 flop was no help for Teuton1, and the Q on the turn sealed his fate, sending Teuton1 out in fifth.

A few hands later, katalanon open-raised with A-6 and Pinowww called from the small blind with pocket nines. The board completely whiffed for katalanon and he busted out in fourth place.

Next, Stunts25 who was severely short stacked with just under 3.1 million in chips was sent packing in third place after his opponent flopped a full house.

As soon as the final table became heads-up between Vsegris and Pinowww, Vsegris was in front with about 41 million chips, more then double Pinowww’s chip stack.

It only took three hands of heads up play before Pinowww opened with a standard raise to 800,000 and Vsegris made the call. The flop came down 9-5-4 all diamonds and Vsegris checked to Pinowww who bet 900,000. Vsegris responded by raising to 1.8 million and Pinowww made the call.

The turn was the Kh, and Vsegris led out with a bet for 3.2 million. Pinowww reacted by moving all for his remaining chips, but Vsegris made the call. Vsegris showed Kc-8d and Pinowww held Kd-7h. Both had top pair with kings, but Vsegris had Pinowww barely outkicked. The river was the As which didn’t change anything, giving Vsegris the win.