Viktor “Isildur1″ Blom Beats Palmer in SuperStar Showdown

On Sunday, the second SuperStar Showdown match between Viktor “Isildur1″ Blom and Scott “URnotINdangr” Palmer took place…

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Viktor “Isildur1" BlomOn Sunday, the second SuperStar Showdown match between Viktor “Isildur1″ Blom and Scott “URnotINdangr” Palmer took place, however, Blom had different plans this time around.

Blom didn’t waste any time overcoming Palmer’s lead heading into Round 2 by winning a $21,600 pot early on when his full house was good enough to beat Palmer’s straight.

Palmer finally won a sizable pot when his A-Q held up against Blom’s flush draw to rake in a $20,800 pot. Palmer then went on to win another $22,500 pot when his A-T cracked Blom’s pocket queens. The bad beat seemed to have increased Blom’s aggression and he proceeded to win the next nine all in pots, building up a lead of $60,825 after 80 minutes of play.

Around the 1,300 hands mark of the heads up match, Blom won a $26,900 pot with Td-8d on a board of Jh-9s-5h against Palmer’s Ad-Th after spiking the 7d on the river to give Blom a jack high straight. With 997 hands remaining in the match Blom extended his lead to over $81k.

Over the next 300 hands the two players got caught up in the fifteenth all-in pot of round 2. Blom’s A-Q was good against Palmer’s Q-J on a board of Ad-Qh-Qc-8d-2h to rake in a $47,000 pot, the largest of the match, extending Blom’s lead to $104,482 at that point.

Blom managed to increase his lead to $105,582 over the next 40 hands or so before Palmer put the breaks on and slowly chipped away at the lead to get it back below six figures again.

Around the 2,100 hand mark Palmer won a massive $33,500 pot, the second largest pot of the session, when his pocket queens beat Blom’s flopped two pair after it went runner runner to counterfeit Blom’s two pair.

With Blom’s sizable lead in this match and only around 400 hands left Palmer was looking to finish out the match strongly, much the same way as he did in round 1 of the SuperStar Showdown. In order to do that it would mean he would have to catch Blom in some badly timed bluff attempts or get paid off with a big hand in the closing stages of the match which he was unable to do. In the final 100 hands Palmer did however manage to pull back Blom’s lead to $61,182 after 2,500 hands.

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