Vieira Wins the €2,100 High Roller of the 2020 Irish Poker Open

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One of the most important poker festivals that is currently underway is definitely the 2020 Irish Poker Open. This year, it takes place in a bit unusual way, due to the whole coronavirus situation.

Much like other live poker festivals, the Irish Poker Open was canceled. However, its organizers decided to proceed with the competition by offering all the events online via partypoker.

The latest event of the 2020 Irish Poker Open that wrapped up was Event #8: €2,100 High Roller. It attracted a total of 154 players, but it was a player from the Netherlands named Joao Vieira who ended up the winner of this competition, defeating the UK’s Simon Higgins in the heads-up play.

The Final Table Action

The event did not take long to get to the final table, which consisted of eight players who were all on the money list. Higgins was the chip leader at the start of this part of the event. He had almost twice as many chips compared to the second-placed Simon Mattsson.

Yet, despite being the second in chips at the start, the Swedish player did not perform well and soon lost his entire stack. Therefore, he had to hit the rail as the second-place player, ending up with a total of €9,240 in his pocket.

As a matter of fact, Higgins was the one who sent him to the rails. He opened, and then Mattsson decided to three-bet from the small blind. Higgins was fast to four-bet, and Mattsson did not hesitate to call his decision with pocket jacks.

It was a brave move from Higgins, who had ace-five offsuit, but the flop landed another ace, giving him an overpair. Mattsson failed to improve on the turn and the river and had to leave the game after that hand.

All that time, Vieira was improving his stack and even managed to reach his first million. However, it was Higgins who continued to eliminate players, including Juha Helppi and Guntis Aleskins.

That way, he made sure that he was still the chip leader during the final table. Helppi earned €11,642, and Aleskins ended up with a total of €14,630 in his pocket.

Then, it was time for Joao Vieira to strike again, as he managed to achieve double elimination. He had an ace-king against king-three from Elliot Smith and pocket queens from Wilhelm Isaak.

However, Vieira managed to river a flush, and both players were sent to the rail. Smith earned a total of €18,480, and Isaak ended up with €26,180.

The last player to hit the rail before the heads-up was Aaron Vanblarcum, who earned €36,960 for his achievement.

The hand that decided it all during the heads-up play was the one where Vieira managed to make the nut flush on a river that paired the board. Higgins made a bet, Vieira decided to raise.

At that point, Higgins decided to go all in, and Vieira took some time to respond. Nevertheless, he did it, sending Higgins to the rail. Vieira won €70,809 for the victory, whereas Higgins ended up with €50,820.

This concluded yet another event of the 2020 Irish Poker Open online. The main event is currently underway, and there’s a lot of great action there.