Tribal Conference to Address Online Gambling

Tribal Conference to Address Online GamblingIndian tribes are expected to play key roles in online gambling schemes throughout various states and will hold a conference in June to discuss the issue.

Scheduled under the theme of No Tribe Left Behind, the native American news website has partnered with the Spectrum Gaming Group to co-present a conference set for June 3-4. Spectrum is a firm specializing in gambling research and analysis. The pow-wow will be held at the Pechanga Resort and Casino in Temecula, California and is designed to focus on the challenges and opportunites that online gambling presents to tribal gaming interests.

Tribes throughout the U.S. have been divided on whether Internet gambling legislation will be beneficial or prove to be a deterent to their land-based casino operations. The debate has perhaps been most evident in California, where tribes cannot find common ground among themselves in addition to failing to reach workable compromises with the state’s horse racing interests and card rooms.

Tribal leaders and gambling industry professionals are encouraged to attend the conference, titled Indian Country Online: The 2013 Congress. Registration has commenced at The conference agenda has not yet been fully established, but should be available within a matter of weeks. Those interested in sponsoring the event should also inquire at the website.

According to owner Victor Rocha, the conference aims to inform tribes throughout the U.S. that online gambling is a tremendous opportunity and that all tribes can benefit from the current wave of legislation that has begun in Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware and is likely to include many more states as time progresses.

Industry experts are expected to make presentations at the conference that will show tribes how to handle the regulatory, financial and technological issues that tribes are facing with Internet gambling. Rocha envisions the conference as a transformative event in tribal gaming history. He added that the conference is designed to include all tribes throughout the country and no tribe should be left behind.