The Gladiator Returns to Party Poker Today

The Gladiator at Party PokerThe Gladiator promotion returns to Party Poker today, giving players the opportunity to earn up to $2,500 by playing cash games over the next twenty days.

If you are a cash game player at Party Poker, the next three weeks are guaranteed to be action- packed. Starting today, and continuing until Saturday May 6th, Party Poker will reward you with freeroll entries and cash prizes simply for collecting player points over as many of the next twenty days as possible.

There are no leaderboard points to earn, no missions to complete and all the player points you collect during the Gladiator promotion are yours to keep. Simply log into your Party Poker account, opt into the promotion, and start playing any form of poker (yes – even heads-up). Then log into your account once again on Sunday May 7th to claim your prize.

How the Gladiator Promotion Works

Party Poker awards player points at the rate of 2 points per $1.00 contributed to the rake in cash games or paid to enter a Sit & Go game or multitable tournament. Over the next twenty days, all you have to do is collect a minimum of 1 player point over five different days to be eligible for a prize. The more points you earn over a greater number of days, the more valuable the prize. For example:

  • A player earning one player point on each of five different days during the promotion will be awarded a seat in a freeroll tournament with a $250 prize pool.
  • A player earning twenty player points on each of fifteen different days during the promotion will be awarded a $20.00 cash prize with no clearing restrictions.
  • A player earning 225 player points on each of the twenty days during the promotion will be awarded a $350.00 cash prize with no clearing restrictions.

In order to be awarded the maximum $2,500 prize, a player must earn 1,200 player points or more during each day of the promotion. A tough ask, but the money is there for the taking for anybody willing (and able) to put in the hours at the table. The full list of prizes appears below. Don´t forget to log into your Party Poker account on Sunday May 7th to claim yours!

Points per day Number of days
5 10 15 20
1 $250 freeroll $500 freeroll $750 freeroll $1,000 freeroll
5 $1,000 freeroll $1,500 freeroll $2,500 freeroll $3,500 freeroll
10 $1,500 freeroll $2,500 freeroll $3,500 freeroll $8
20 $5 $12 $20 $30
50 $14 $32 $52 $76
110 $32 $75 $120 $170
225 $67 $155 $250 $350
400 $130 $290 $500 $700
900 $300 $700 $1,200 $1,650
1200 $500 $1,100 $1,700 $2,500


For the sake of clarity, Party Poker´s time-keeping harks back to the day when it was a dominant force in the United States. Therefore “days” run from 00:00 ET to 23:59 ET. If you are participating in the promotion from the UK, your “day” starts at 5:00am BST. If you are playing from mainland Europe, your “day” starts at 6:00am CEST.

Prizes are limited to one per player, and will be awarded on a “highest value” basis – cash taking precedence over freeroll entries. If you are awarded a seat in a freeroll, the tournaments are scheduled for Saturday May 13th at either 4:00pm, 5:00pm or 6:00pm (BST) depending on the value of the freeroll. You can find the start time of each freeroll tournament on the Party Poker website.

Play the Gladiator Promotion at Party Poker

The Gladiator promotion at Party Poker is incredibly popular, as it gives every player the opportunity to win a valuable prize. Even if you exclusively play Sit & Go games or multitable tournaments, you can still benefit from the promotion – although we feel the Gladiator is designed to benefit cash game players the most (and we have experienced the impact the promotion has had on cash game traffic previously).

If you would like to experience the impact of the Gladiator – and you do not yet have an account with Party Poker – you can register for an account using the [geolink href=””]Party Poker bonus code[/geolink] “[bonuscode room=”partypoker”]” and benefit from an exclusive 100% match bonus on your first deposit up to $500 (or currency equivalent). Don´t miss out on the opportunity to maximise the value of the Gladiator promotion. Visit Party Poker today.