Take Home Up To $200 per Day in 888´s Trick or Treat Promotion

Trick or Treat at 888 Poker

888 is giving players the opportunity to “take home up to $200 per day” in poker, casino, and sports bonuses for reloading their accounts during the promotion.

There´s a saying that you wait ages for a bus and then three come along together. That saying could well apply to reload bonuses at 888 Poker – only, instead of there being three reload bonus in the site´s Trick or Treat promotion, there are six to choose from. Not only that, but you can take advantage of each bonus three times before Sunday 3rd November.

However, before you prepare to max out your credit card two months before Christmas, it is worth looking into the how the promotion works, how much you might have to deposit to ensure you collect the maximum $200 in bonuses, and what the clearing requirements are for the bonuses. It is also important to know to what casino games and sports bets wagering contributions apply.

How the Trick or Treat Promotion Works

The first thing to be aware of is that the banner of “take home up to $200 per day” is slightly misleading.  Although it is possible to get $200 in bonuses each day, you would have to make three deposits per day using one of the six different bonus codes each time. Each bonus code can only be used three times, so that means there is a maximum of eighteen bonuses you can get – or up to $200 per day for six days.

Pickiness aside, whenever you make a deposit of $30 or more between today and Sunday 3rd November, you can choose between selecting a poker bonus, a casino bonus, or a sports bonus. Each type of bonus has two options – a “trick” or a “treat” – and you can only take advantage of one poker bonus, one casino bonus, and one sports bonus per day. The difference between the options is:

  • The poker “trick” bonus (bonus code TRICKPOKER) will award you a random poker bonus of between 5% and 100% of your deposit.
  • The poker “treat” bonus (bonus code TREATPOKER) will award you a reload bonus equivalent to 10% of your deposit.

The maximum amount of 888 poker bonus you can win per day is $50 and it has to be cleared within thirty days by contributing to the rake deducted from cash games or paying a fee to enter a Sit & Go or multi-table tournament. The bonus is cleared at the rate of $1 for each $1.50 paid in rake or fees.

The casino bonuses and sports bonuses are awarded in the same way (using the bonus codes TRICKCASINO/TREATCASINO or TRICKSPORT/TREATSPORT when you make a deposit). You can get up to $100 in casino bonuses and $50 in sports bonuses per day – both bonuses being valid for thirty days.

The casino bonuses are cleared at the rate of $1 per $30 staked playing slots and keno games in the 888 Casino. You can also play games like Roulette (wagering contribution 20%) or Blackjack (wagering contribution 10%), but it will take a lot longer to clear the trick or treat deposit bonuses.

Sports bonuses are much easier to clear at the rate of $1 per $6 wagered. However, bets at odds of 1.5 or under (1/2 in decimal odds or -200 in American odds) do not count towards the clearing requirement. All poker, casino, and sports bonuses are cleared in sequential order.

A Nice Promotion, But Please be Careful

It is good that 888 has (eventually) put on a reload bonus, but it is tempting for some players to go over the top with this type of promotion. Naturally, the trick bonuses are going to pay lower percentage bonuses more frequently than the 100% bonuses and the temptation may exist to reload an account “one more time” to try to hit the top prize. Resist it and never gamble with more than you can comfortably afford to lose.