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WSOP Main Event Champions: Who Were the Last Six Winners?

With no official news about the status of the 2020 World Series of Poker, the entire poker world is wondering what would happen if the coronavirus persists for the months to come. That’s why it’s time to look back to some happier memories. The happiest of them all are the ones that were created by […]

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Schedule Announced For 2020 World Series Of Poker

Although the Rio is officially now not owned by Caesars anymore, the new company allowed Caesars to operate it for two to three years, meaning that the next World Series of Poker will be located in the same place in 2020. Just as always, it will last for almost two months, and we will have […]

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Five Poker Tournaments With The Largest Prize Pools

What makes a poker tournament attractive? Is it the type of poker game being played? Is it the size of the field? Most players agree on one thing — it’s a combination of all things, but the prize pool plays the most important role. The reasoning behind this is simple — people are attracted to […]