Starts Today: PokerStars´ Poker in the Ears Freeroll League

PokerStars´ Poker in the Ears Freeroll League

PokerStars´ Poker in the Ears Freeroll League offers cash prizes every week, plus the chance to win PCA satellite tickets and one of two PSPC Platinum Passes.

Most freeroll poker tournaments are not worth playing. The time it can take to win any reasonable amount of money is often not justifiable, and the standard of play is not representative of what you will find in real money poker tournaments, so the experience is not even a good education for players new to the game.

PokerStars´ new Poker in the Ears Freeroll League is different. Not only will each poker tournament have a $500 prize pool; but, over the eight weeks of the league, PokerStars will be giving away forty PCA satellite tickets and two PSPC Platinum Passes – one to the winner of the league, and one to the winner of a consolation All-In Shootout event at the end of the league season.

Why “Poker in the Ears”?

The reason for the freeroll league being given the name “Poker in the Ears” is because the competition is being hosted by the presenters of PokerStars´ excellent podcast – James Hartigan and Joe Stapleton. In order to enter each freeroll tournament, players will have to enter a Star Code broadcast during the podcast and a password revealed on Twitch once registration opens.

The freeroll league tournaments will be played each Monday evening at 9:05pm CET from 1st October to 19th November, and registration opens twenty minutes beforehand, so you need to be watching the Twitch stream from 8:45pm CET (please note that the clocks in Europe go back one hour on Sunday 28th October). Both presenters and random guest players will also have bounties on their heads.

How the Freeroll League Works

Whereas most leagues operate on overall results, each player in the Poker in the Ears Freeroll League will be awarded a point for each player they eliminate. The KO Points accumulate on a leaderboard over the eight weeks of action, and the player with the most knockouts at the end of the season will win a PokerStars´ Players Championship (PSPC) Platinum Pass worth $30,000.

In addition, players occupying the next forty positions on the leaderboard will be awarded satellite tickets for PokerStars´ Caribbean Adventure (PCA), and every player who has eliminated at least five opponents during the course of the promotion will be entered into a “Second Chance” All-In Shootout on Sunday 25th November with a further PSPC Pass up for grabs.

Where to Find Out More Information

The Poker in the Ears Freeroll League is certainly a promotion worth taking part in, but in order to take part you will have to download and listen to podcast #129 and remember to watch the Twitch stream from 8:45pm CET tonight. Also remember that it is not going to be a typical freeroll tournament. With valuable prizes up for grabs, and the likelihood the promotion will attract many experienced players, the standard of play is expected to be much higher than that of a regular freeroll tournament.

The league will also likely attract many freeroll players from other sites who do not play free-to-enter tournaments on PokerStars because of the large number of players that take part. If you fall into this category, and have not yet created an account with the site, use the PokerStars marketing code [bonuscode room=”pokerstars”][/bonuscode] when creating your account, and – should you ever decide to make a real money deposit into your account – you will be eligible for a 100% bonus up to $600/€500/£400.

Good luck in the Poker in the Ears Freeroll League. Somebody has to win it!