Share Your Dream with Everest Poker to win a WSOP Package

Share Your Dream with Everest Poker to win a WSOP PackageEverest Poker is hosting a unique Twitter promotion in which players can win an exclusive package to the World Series of Poker for sharing their dream.

Ever wanted to go to the World Series of Poker, but never had the bankroll or the time to compete in heavily populated qualifiers? Well, Everest Poker are giving all their players the opportunity to play in the WSOP for free – and it will only take a few seconds of your time to enter their “Share Your Dream” promotion.

The lucky winner of the promotion will win a trip to Las Vegas with 7 nights’ accommodation at the Five Diamond Palazzo Hotel, entry into the WSOP #60 NLHE Event and $2,100 towards travel expenses included in the prize. They will also be treated to a Team Everest Welcome Dinner, an indoor skydiving experience and an activity helicopter ride to see the Grand Canyon.

How to Share Your Dream

In order to take part in the promotion, you will need an Everest Poker account. You must then Tweet @everestpoker with your username, how much your dream would cost in US dollars and what your dream is – with the hashtags #TeamEverest and # SharingYourDream at the end of the tweet.

Typical Tweets received by Everest Poker so far include:

@everestpoker superbabe13, I need $275,830 for a house in Yorkshire. #TeamEverest #SharingYourDream

@everestpoker, Chrobson, I need $89 294, I want cool wedding and nice holidays #TeamEverest #SharingYourDream

@EverestPoker, Razorheart, I need $115051 to buy a loaded Tesla S, to match my new Norwegian apartment #SharingYourDream #TeamEverest

@EverestPoker NoISaidTOPTOP my dream is to train a dozen sloths in an elaborate breakdance troupe. I need $393,827 #sharingyourdream

Everest Poker has put an amount of money between $1,000 and $500,000 into an envelope which will be opened on June 2nd, and the player who´s dream costs closest to how much money is in the envelope will win this unique prize (but not the money in the envelope).

#SharingYourDream Terms and Conditions

Unfortunately Everest Poker has already considered the possibility that players will write 499,001 Tweets to try and win the prize, and therefore only the first Tweet from each player/IP address received before 23:59 (GMT) on June 1st will be considered for the prize (multiple entries will probably result in disqualification).

If two or more players tie for the prize, the winner will be determined by who has collected the most Summit Points by playing on Everest Poker between the beginning of the promotion (yesterday) and midnight on 1st June.

The winner will be notified with 72 hours of the promotion closing, when it will time to pack your bags and head off to the World Series of Poker with Everest Poker!