Sauce123 Wins $392k, joeysweetp Loses $296k on PokerStars

Ben “Sauce123” SulskyUsually when we are talking about high-stakes poker games online we are referring to the games at Full Tilt Poker, however lately the high-stakes tables on PokerStars have exploded with action and this past weekend saw Ben “Sauce123” Sulsky win $392k, whereas joeysweetp (runner-up of the 2010 PokerStars WCOOP Main Event) took a shot at the high-stakes tables and lost $296,000.

Ben “Sauce123” Sulsky played 2,365 hands at the $50/$100 No-Limit Hold’em cash-tables and ended up with a profit of $392,076, with the session seeing him lose the largest pot he ever has at PokerStars worth $106k, as well as being on the winning end of a $154k pot. The weekend sees his total winnings on PokerStars jump to $857,049 which is quite incredible seeing as he was at an all-time low of $87,743 just three months ago.

In the $106k pot which he lost he had the second nuts whereas his opponent phounderAA held the nuts. Four players (Sauce123, joeysweetp, phounderAA and SunTzuReps) posted their blinds to see the flop of J4Q and Sauce123 led out with a bet of $1,400 which got called by phounderAA and the other two players folded. The turn was the K and Sauce123 again led out with a bet of $3,825 which phounderAA raised to $8,900 and Sauce123 made the call. The river came the 2 and Sauce123 checked, leading to a bet of $18,999 from phounderAA and Sauce123 then raised putting phounderAA all-in. Both players revealed their cards with Sauce123 holding 109 for a straight but it wasn’t good enough because phounderAA held A10 for the nuts, making it the largest pot Sauce123 has lost on PokerStars.

Meanwhile joeysweetp participating in the high-stakes games was causing quite a stit at the site. He finished second the the 2010 PokerStars WCOOP Main Event winning $1,404,725 however with his new bankroll he decided to take a shot against some of the best cash-game poker players in the world – big mistake when you are mainly a tournament player!

At one point there was a queue of 37 players on the waiting list at the table joeysweetp was playing at, all because they recognised how soft he was and wanted to take advantage of that. There are rumours that another high-stakes player who apparently knows joeysweetp was pleading with him in the chat box to quit the tables and save his bankroll, but it was too late. At the end of joeysweetp’s session he found himself down $296k after playing 1,565 hands at the $50/$100 tables. Although he still around $1.1 million left from his win, this weekend may give him a wake-up call before he tries to take on the tough high-stakes cash games at PokerStars again.