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Sam Trickett Claims Super Hi Roller at Aussie Millions

Sam Trickett went one better than his second place finish in 2011´s Aussie Millions Super High Roller when taking down the LK Jewellery $250K Challenge Event.

Sam Trickett Wins Aussie Millions Super Hi RollerSam Trickett went one better than his second place finish in 2011´s Aussie Millions Super High Roller when taking down the LK Jewellery $250K Challenge Event.

A superlative performance – and a little good fortune – enabled Sam Trickett to boss the final table of the AUD$250,000 buy-in LK Jewellery Aussie Millions Super High Roller and capture the AUD$2 million first prize, as well as becoming the second-highest money winning poker tournament player of all time.

The Start of Day 2

# Aussie Millions $250K Challenge Chips
1 Tobias Reinkemeier 1,237,000
2 Igor Kurganov 854,000
3 Fabian Quoss 794,000
4 Richard Yong 580,000
5 Sam Trickett 494,000
6 Winfred Yu 387,000
7 Erik Seidel 184,000

Starting the day in fifth position – and out of the money – Sam Trickett started slowly, and was uncharacteristically forced out of a pot by Winfred Yu when holding an overpair on the turn. However, as players started to bust out of the event, a more active Trickett saw his betting decisions pay big dividends.

Yong and Seidel First to Depart

Richard Yong was the first player to bust out of the tournament when he ran his A Q into the A K♣ of Igor Kurganov. Yong´s departure enabled Kurganov to take over the chip lead and raise the question once again whether AQ is the most expensive hand in poker.

Fabian Quoss had his own ideas about the value of AQ – moving all-in with A Q♣ at the start of Level 12 (blinds 15,000/30,000 – ante 4,000). Quoss was called by Erik Seidel – who won this event in 2011 ahead of Sam Trickett – but Seidel´s A♠ 5♣ failed to improve and he was eliminated in sixth.

The Bubble Takes a Long Time to Burst

With AUD$500,000 for fourth place and nothing for fifth, several hours passed before the next player was to leave the game. During this time, Sam Trickett took the tournament lead after calling Tobias Reinkemeier´s J J shove with his own pocket Queens. Reinkemeier hit a set on the flop, but Sam Trickett managed to complete a straight on the river.

Reinkemeier (A♣ 5♣) survived an all-in call against Kurganov (9 9♠) when spiking the A♠ on the river, and then Kurganov (A Q♠) himself was fortunate to survive against Fabian Quoss (A♣ K) when the board delivered two pairs and a potentially game-changing pot was chopped.

Yu´s Exit Signifies Race to the Title

Once the bubble burst, the tournament was over within an hour. Winfred Yu was the unfortunate ‘bubble boy’ shoving with A♠ 4♠ against Igor Kurganov´s A♣ 7. Kurganov paired his seven on the flop and the runner-up in last year’s APT Asian Series Macau Main Event was bust in fifth. Almost immediately, Kurganov himself was to be eliminated.

On a flop of 9 3♠ 2♠, Kurganov called Sam Trickett´s 80,000 chip bet. Trickett was again the aggressor after the turn card 4♠, but this time Kurganov check-raised all-in. Trickett snap called and turned over 6♠ 5♠ for a straight flush. Kurganov, holding J♠ 7♠ was drawing dead and eliminated in fourth – Sam Trickett increasing his chip advantage even further.

Quoss Third, Reinkemeier Second, Trickett Wins

Spades also had a big part to play in Fabian Quoss´ departure – the German running his 7♠ 6♠ into the A♠ 10♠ of Sam Trickett. Trickett drew a Broadway straight by the turn and Fabian Quoss was sent to the rail in third place – Sam Trickett taking a 5-to-1 chip advantage into the Heads-Up.

At such a big disadvantage, Tobias Reinkemeier took the first opportunity he had to get the last of his chips into the middle. Shoving with K 2♣, he ran into Sam Trickett´s A♠ 5 and with neither player connecting with the board, Sam Trickett became the 2013 Aussie Million Super High Roller Champion.

Aussie Millions LK Jewellery Super High Roller Result

# Aussie Millions $250K Challenge Prize AUD$
1 Sam Trickett $2,000,000
2 Tobias Reinkemeier $1,250,000
3 Fabian Quoss $750,000
4 Igor Kurganov $500,000