Qualify Now for Sunday´s WSOP Mega-Satellite at WPN

Go to WSOP with WPNThis coming Sunday, the Winning Poker Network is hosting a WSOP “Take a Seat or Take the Cash” Mega-Satellite. If you finish in one of the top thirty places, you can either use the $12,500 prize money to travel to Las Vegas and enter the WSOP Main Event, or keep your winnings and spend it as you please.

Quite often when you play a qualifier for a major live tournament, the terms and conditions of the qualifier stipulate the target tournament is a “must-play event”. If you win a seat, you are locked into playing the live tournament with no cash prize alternative, and often without the option of selling your seat to somebody else.

This is not the case at the Winning Poker Network. The Network is hosting a “Take a Seat or Take the Cash” Mega-Satellite on Sunday with a minimum of thirty $12,500 cash prizes. If you win one of the prizes, your winnings are paid directly into your Americas Cardroom or Black Chip Poker account. There is no obligation on you to play in the WSOP Main Event – unless you want to.

About the Winning Poker Network´s WSOP Mega-Satellite

The Network has been running WSOP Mega-Satellites with two $12,500 cash prizes since April – and, despite their shallow payout structure, they have proved to be exceedingly popular. In the early weeks of the promotion, the Mega-Satellites were beating their guarantees by between 30% and 50%; but last Sunday the event smashed its guarantee by more than 100% and paid out four $12,500 cash prizes.

This coming Sunday´s WSOP Mega-Satellite is a bit different from the eight Mega-Satellites that preceded it. In order to accommodate the vastly increased prize pool ($25,000 guaranteed to $375,000 guaranteed), the buy-in has gone up from $320 to $540 and the event is being supported by hundreds of satellite and sub-satellite opportunities with buy-ins starting at $44.00 and $4.40 respectively.

The target event gets underway on Sunday at 5:15pm ET. It has four hours of late registration (twenty levels of 12 minutes each) during which unlimited re-entries are allowed and, by the end of which, the 7,500 chip starting stack will be worth a little more than ten Big Blinds. Previous WPN WSOP Mega-Satellites have reached their conclusions at between 2:00am and 3:00am (ET), but with a much larger field anticipated for Sunday´s event, the game could go on an hour or two longer.

Be Careful with Which Satellite Route You Take

Although the buy-in amount should be a big clue for whether you are playing in a satellite or sub-satellite, caution is advised when registering for qualifying events. Some sub-satellites currently open for registration in the Winning Poker Network´s tournament lobby feed into satellites that do not take place until later in the week – for example the $8.80 buy-in “WSOP MEGA 20 Satellites” running each evening this week that feed into Sunday´s $66.00 buy-in satellite to the target event.

Although the sub-satellite > satellite > Mega-Satellite route is a cheaper option, I would suggest that – at this stage of the week – the best chance of qualifying for Sunday´s WSOP Mega Satellite is in the $44.00 buy-in satellites starting each evening at 5:00pm ET (with two hours late registration if you are unable to make the scheduled start time). These guarantee three seats into the target event and are likely to see smaller field sizes than the satellites scheduled for later in the week.

Whichever satellite route you decide to take into Sunday´s WSOP Mega-Satellite at the Winning Poker Network, good luck!