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Qualify for Vegas MILLIONS at Party Poker from just $1.10

Party Poker is running a phased online tournament series giving players the opportunity to win the buy-in for the $5 million guaranteed Vegas MILLIONS event.

Party Poker MILLIONS Vegas Edition

Party Poker is running a phased online tournament series giving players the opportunity to win the buy-in for the $5 million guaranteed Vegas MILLIONS event.

Last Thursday, Party Poker announced it is partnering up with the Aria in Las Vegas to host a $5 million guaranteed Vegas MILLIONS Special Edition event. The one-off $10,300 buy-in tournament will run from Friday June 28th to Tuesday July 2nd and be supported by multiple live satellites at the venue with buy-ins ranging from $550 to $2,200.

Because the event comes under the “Party Poker Live” umbrella, players can buy into the Vegas MILLIONS with PP Live Dollars; and Party Poker has be quick to organize a phased online tournament series guaranteeing twenty prizes of $10,000 PP Live Dollars. The online tournament series can be entered at any of the four price points – $1.10, $11.00, $109.00 or $1,050.00.

How the Vegas MILLIONS Phased Tournament Works

The Vegas MILLIONS phased tournament works a little differently from previous phased qualifiers at Party Poker inasmuch as you carry your chip stack forward in each of the three rounds leading up to the final. This means there can be advantages of starting at the lowest buy-in level if you are able to accumulate a substantial stack early on.

Round 1 (buy-in $1.10) is a hyper-turbo sub-satellite in which players start with 500 chips and blinds of 5/10. The sub-satellite last eighteen 3-minute levels, at the end of which surviving players carry their chip stacks forward into the Quarter-Final. It is important to note that the Quarter-Final starts immediately as Round 1 finishes.

The Quarter-Final (buy-in $11.00) is also a hyper-turbo sub-satellite. This time, players buying in directly get a starting stack of 5,000 chips, and blinds start at 50/100; so it can be a major advantage to bring forward more than 5,000 chips from Round 1. The Quarter-Final also lasts for eighteen 3-minute levels, after which surviving players are automatically seated for the Semi-Final.

The Semi-Final (buy-in $109.00) is where players bring forward large chip stacks really have an advantage because players buying-in directly get a starting stack of 50,000 chips with blinds starting at 250/500. This leg of the phased tournament series lasts twenty-two 5-minute levels, and surviving players carry forward their chips stacks into next Sunday´s Final.

Players can buy directly into the Final (buy-in $1,050.00) and receive a starting stack of 500,000 chips. However, there will likely be players bringing forward chip stacks in excess of a million chips from the previous rounds – so it hardly seems worth it. If you are one of the final twenty players left standing, you will win one of the prizes of $10,000 PP Live Dollars.

A Promotion Well Worth Considering

One of the reasons players should seriously consider taking part in this promotion is because, if you win one of the $10,000 PP Live Dollars prizes, it doesn´t have to be used to enter the Vegas MILLIONS Special Edition event. The prize can be used to enter any Party Poker Live event – including WPT and WSOPC events – or the $20 million guaranteed [geolink href=”″]MILLIONS Online event[/geolink] in November.

If you are going to take part in the Vegas MILLIONS phased tournament promotion, be careful to enter the right starting round. The Party Poker Live lobby can be a little confusing to players not familiar with how PP Live Dollars work, and there are several other “feeder” tournaments listed in the lobby which are unconnected to this promotion.

Finally, this promotion is likely to run weekly until late June. As the target event approaches, more players will take part – which will increase the potential to build a bigger stack during the earlier rounds, but also make it more difficult to win one of the prizes on offer. Therefore, if you are up for a trip to Las Vegas in June, visit Party Poker today.

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