PPA Demands Action in Full Tilt Remission Process

The PPA has announced a campaign aimed at speeding up the Full Tilt remission process by rallying players to contact lawmakers and voice their displeasure.

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PPA Demands Action in Full Tilt Remission ProcessThe PPA has announced a campaign aimed at speeding up the Full Tilt remission process by rallying players to contact lawmakers and voice their displeasure.

Poker Players Alliance representatives John Pappas and Rich Muny have drafted a letter and are urging former U.S. Full Tilt players with unpaid account balances on the site to use the letter and send it to lawmakers in their jurisdiction. The PPA honchos would also like players to fill out a survey that would give a broad accounting of how many times individual players have contacted the DoJ to query the progress on the remission process.

The letter to legislators respectfully requests that elected representatives of American players ignite a fire under the DoJ and get the process moving. It mentions the fact that PokerStars purchased Full Tilt more than one year ago and earmarked funds for player reimbursement. While rest-of-world players have been fully reimbursed since Full Tilt’s relaunch last November, U.S. players have watched from the rail as Garden City Group has been appointed claims administrator but has seemingly not done much else to repay players.

This campaign will likely be heartily welcomed by U.S. Full Tilt players. It is quite ridiculous that the remission process has taken so long to get off the ground. There is considerable strength in numbers and in order for the PPA’s call to action to be effective, players must take just a few minutes of time to send the letter to their individual legislators.

The remission process is a slow one and the turnaround time from submitting claims to actually receiving funds will take some time. However, the sooner the process gets moving, the quicker that the more than $180 million in frozen funds will reach the pockets of U.S. Full Tilt players. Those players are well-advised to join in the movement and, hopefully, speed up the process.

For more information, click on over to the PPA website at www.theppa.org. Here is a copy of the letter that the PPA urges players to send to the elected officials in their state:

Dear Representative/Senator [name]

As a constituent and voter, I wish to ask for your assistance in retrieving my personal funds. The funds in question were recovered by the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) one year ago. A claims administrator was selected earlier this year, but the process appears to have stalled. I have not yet even had an opportunity to submit a claim for remission.

I am among the tens of thousands of Americans with funds on deposit with Full Tilt Poker, an online poker website. My account was frozen on April 15, 2011, when the DoJ shut down the U.S. facing operations of several offshore Internet poker websites. At the time, U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara stated, “this office expects the companies to return the money that U.S. players entrusted to them, and we will work with the poker companies to facilitate the return of funds to players.”

In July 2012, the DoJ approved a deal for online poker operator pokerstars to purchase the assets of Full Tilt Poker. This deal included funds well in excess of the estimated $180 million contained in the accounts of Full Tilt Poker’s U.S. players, and were included specifically for return to U.S. account holders. Non-U.S. players were repaid in full at that time by the new Full Tilt Poker, while the DoJ accepted responsibility for returning American account holders’ funds through the standard remissions process.

Over the past twelve months, the DoJ has not taken much action at all to facilitate this repayment. Aside from the naming of Garden City Group (GCG) as claims administrator earlier this year, we have not seen or heard anything regarding our funds from either the DoJ or GCG.

Many Americans have substantial sums of money tied up in these accounts. Many suffered severe economic hardship when they lost access to those funds fully two years ago, while players in the rest of the world were made whole long ago.

I respectfully request that, as my elected representative, you assist me in working with the DoJ to expedite the process of remitting my funds. Please feel free to contact at any time so I can provide you with any further information you may require to intervene on my behalf with the DoJ.

Thank you for your attention to this important request for assistance. I look forward to hearing from you.