PokerStars Announces Online Poker Series for Pennsylvania

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Well, that didn’t take long. After all the wait from passing online gaming legislation all the way back in 2017, it took until earlier this month for the first poker site to hit the online airwaves in Pennsylvania. Not shockingly, the first site to find its way to the masses in the state comes from PokerStars, who were far and away the leaders in the space before being shut down in 2011. Now, on the heels of a successful launch in the first week of November comes the announcement of the first major online poker series from the company.

The masters of online championship events

The Pennsylvania Championship of Online Poker (PACOOP for “short”) is slated to run from November 30th to December 16th and will feature a total of $1 million in guarantees. Now, that may seem small compared to many of the events that PokerStars has run in the past but remember that these events are restricted to players in Pennsylvania, and the site only launched a couple of weeks ago. This is no doubt going to be a huge acquisition tool for the company and with no competition from a regulated standpoint for now, this will give the site a distinct lead in the race for liquidity in the state.

A wide array of events

What struck us when seeing the schedule for the first time is the number of events (50) on the docket for the PACOOP. This is a huge number of events for a first-time festival, but again this is almost what we have now come to expect from the poker giant. The signature event of the series is the $300 No Limit Hold’em Main Event which features a $100,000 guarantee. We are sure that this will be blown through and anticipate a prize pool somewhere north of $250,000.

One thing that PokerStars tends to do better than most is to create a lot of depth in their COOP events, and the PACOOP is no exception. Despite the recent launch of the site, the event isn’t just stacked with No Limit Hold’em events – have a look at the full schedule below for all the different disciplines available:


Event Event Name Time Date Entry Gte
1 PACOOP Warm-Up No Limit Hold’em 6:00 PM 30th Nov $100 $20,000
2 Turbo PACOOP Warm-Up (NLHE) 8:00 PM 30th Nov $200 $15,000
3 Deepstack 8-Max (NLHE) 1:00 PM 1st Dec $100 $15,000
4 Big Antes (NLHE) 2:00 PM 1st Dec $100 $15,000
5 Progressive Knockout (NLHE) 3:30 PM 1st Dec $150 $25,000
6 Sunday Special (NLHE) 5:00 PM 1st Dec $200 $50,000
7 Pot Limit Omaha 6-Max 7:00 PM 1st Dec $100 $10,000
8 Hyper-Turbo Sunday SuperSonic (NLHE) 10:00 PM 1st Dec $50 $10,000
9 Battle Royale Progressive Knockout (NLHE) 7:00 PM 2nd Dec $50 $10,000
10 Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo 8-Max 8:00 PM 2nd Dec $75 $10,000
11 Super Tuesday (NLHE) 7:00 PM 3rd Dec $250 $40,000
12 Mini Super Tuesday (NLHE) 7:30 PM 3rd Dec $30 $10,000
13 Escalating Antes (NLHE) 8:00 PM 3rd Dec $150 $20,000
14 DeepStack (NLHE) 7:00 PM 4th Dec $100 $20,000
15 High-Roller 6-Max (NLHE) 8:00 PM 4th Dec $750 $40,000
16 Regular NLHE 9:00 PM 4th Dec $150 $12,000
17 Thursday Thrill (NLHE) 7:00 PM 5th Dec $200 $25,000
18 Rebuy (NLHE) 8:00 PM 5th Dec $50 $15,000
19 Big Stack Turbo (NLHE) 9:30 PM 5th Dec $100 $12,000
20 Eight-Game 6-Max 7:30 PM 6th Dec $300 $15,000
21 Turbo 6-Max 9:30 PM 6th Dec $150 $12,000
22 Deepstack 8-Max 5:00 PM 7th Dec $100 $12,000
23 Saturday Speedway (NLHE) 8:00 PM 7th Dec $150 $12,000
24 Marathon (NLHE) 1:00 PM 8th Dec $100 $10,000
25 8-Max (PLO) 2:00 PM 8th Dec $100 $10,000
26 Big Ante 6-Max 3:30 PM 8th Dec $150 $20,000
27 Sunday Special (NLHE) 5:00 PM 8th Dec $300 $55,000
28 Progressive Knockout (NLHE) 7:00 PM 8th Dec $200 $30,000
29 Hyper-Turbo Sunday SuperSonic (NLHE) 9:00 PM 8th Dec $100 $10,000
30 4-Max (NLHE) 7:00 PM 9th Dec $300 $30,000
31 High-Roller 6-Max (NLHE) 8:00 PM 9th Dec $500 $20,000
32 $200 NL Hold’em [Super Tuesday SE] 7:00 PM 10th Dec $200 $40,000
33 $100 No Limit Omaha Hi/Lo [8-Max] 8:00 PM 10th Dec $100 $8,000
34 $30+R NL Holdem [6-Max] 7:00 PM 11th Dec $30 $10,000
35 $200 NL Hold’em 8:00 PM 11th Dec $200 $20,000
36 $100 Stud Hi/Lo 9:00 PM 11th Dec $100 $8,000
37 Thursday Thrill (NLHE) 7:00 PM 12th Dec $250 $30,000
38 Turbo (NLHE) 9:00 PM 12th Dec $150 $15,000
39 Fixed Limit Hold’em 6-Max 7:00 PM 13th Dec $200 $10,000
40 Hyper-Turbo Deep (NLHE) 9:00 PM 13th Dec $200 $10,000
41 6-Max (NLHE) 6:00 PM 14th Dec $300 $30,000
42 Zoom (NLHE) 9:00 PM 14th Dec $75 $12,000
43 Big Antes (NLHE) 2:00 PM 15th Dec $100 $12,000
44 Main Event (NLHE) 5:00 PM 15th Dec $300 $100,000
45 $50 Main Event Structure Event (NLHE) 6:00 PM 15th Dec $50 $20,000
46 Progressive Knockout (NLHE) 8:00 PM 15th Dec $100 $15,000
47 6-Max (PLO) 9:00 PM 15th Dec $100 $10,000
48 Hyper-Turbo Sunday SuperSonic (NLHE) 10:00 PM 15th Dec $75 $10,000
49 PACOOP Wrap-Up (NLHE) 7:00 PM 16th Dec $100 $20,000
50 Hyper-Turbo Deep 6-Max (NLHE) 9:00 PM 16th Dec $150 $10,000


As you can see, there is something for everyone here. This is also a great opportunity for a player to try an event they wouldn’t normally play as the fields are likely to be small and softer than at other US-friendly poker sites.

The first of many to come

If you have been a player at PokerStars or have at the very least followed the company on sites like this over the last few years, you already know that he poker festival is now engrained as a major part of the ecosystem. We anticipate that while some of the events on this schedule will have an overlay, this will no doubt be the first of several COOP events for Pennsylvania, and no doubt come springtime we’ll see a new series announced with even higher guarantees.

For now, it’s time to celebrate the return of legal online poker to Pennsylvania, and who better to lead the charge into this new era than the company that dominated the space in the pre-legalization days. We’ll report back with information and winners from the event as it unfolds.