PokerStars Announces New Football Frenzy Challenge

Coinciding with the Euro 2020, PokerStars is offering a special Football Frenzy competition from now through June 23.

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The UEFA European Football Championship 2021 (Euro 2020) has begun, and it has been a long wait for soccer fans. Teams will hit the field representing a total of 24 nations, with the best of the best ready to see who will win. There will be 51 matches taking place in 11 countries as the series competes in Turkey, Rome and London, among other areas. For online poker giant PokerStars, the brand has decided to launch a special challenge in honor of the event. Football Frenzy is live now and will continue through June 23, offering players a fun contest during the football event.

Football Frenzy Featuring up to $25,000 in Prizes

To take part, players need to opt in to the Football Frenzy challenge. Every day throughout the competition, you can earn a chest based on your Stars Rewards progress bar. Complete the bar each day to earn a chest. The special chest will have one of the team names on it from the soccer tournament.

When you receive the chest, it remains locked. The chest will not unlock until the team that is listed on the box is eliminated from the tournament. When the chest opens, you will receive a prize based on the expectations of the given country for the event, the stage of the tournament the team was able to reach and your loyalty program status.

The smallest prizes in the contest are tickets to a raffle where you can win prizes. The best outcome from a chest is $25,000 in prize money. Each of the teams competing in the Euro 2020 are categorized based on how they are expected to do in the event. The categories are: Premium, Good, Standard, and Outsiders.

Team Details

The category of your team as well as when they are eliminated play a role in what you can earn while you compete in Football Frenzy. Belgium, Portugal, England, and France are the Premium nations. Croatia, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, and Spain fit into the Good category.

Austria, Poland, Denmark, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, and Russia are listed in the Standard category. Pulling up the rear are Sweden, North Macedonia, Wales, Hungary, Czech Republic, Scotland, Finland, and Slovakia. These nations are in the Outsiders category.

Teams that are eliminated in the group stages will see chests containing tickets for the prize raffle. If a team is eliminated during the 16 team round, then you get another raffle ticket. Teams that make it to the final round will earn a bonus prize which includes StarsCoin, Free Spins, and tournament tickets. The higher your loyalty level, the better prizes you can earn.

If you are a football fan, this unique contest is a great way to enjoy the championship while playing online poker. Players who frequent PokerStars are encouraged to opt in so that the progress bar can be completed, and extra incentives earned. With so many prizes up for grabs, there is plenty of winning potential to be spread around throughout all reward levels.