Poker to Resume Again at Wynn Las Vegas Free of Plexiglass Dividers

Poker players traveling to Wynn Las Vegas for cash games or tournaments will find the plexiglass dividers that once surrounded the tables are now removed.

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Since the COVID-19 pandemic began last year, available poker gaming has been minimal. For months, players were unable to visit a local casino and play due to the social distancing requirements. Once poker was an option once more, it was a bit different, with tables dividing players via plexiglass partitions. In Las Vegas, the vaccination effort has been ongoing, and Wynn Resorts has been able to vaccinate most of its employees. Because of this effort, the operator can now remove the plexiglass separating poker players from each other.

Opening at 100% Capacity and Restriction Changes

Just a few days ago, it was announced that Wynn Resorts was given the greenlight by the Nevada Gaming Control Board to open at 100% capacity. This change was provided due to over 80% of the casino’s workforce has been vaccinated.

The regulator asked that operators encourage their employees to be vaccinated so that the state could open at 100% soon and welcome in guests from across the US and internationally. For Wynn, the company decided that it would instate a new policy. Any employee who did not get the vaccination would be subject to weekly testing.

A negative test must be submitted each week, or the employee would not work. Most have opted to take the vaccine either for health benefits or to avoid having to pay out of pocket for the test each week.

Now that the casino is eligible to operate at 100%, certain restrictions have been removed. This includes the plexiglass dividers that surrounded table games, slots, and the poker tables. The change comes at a perfect time when the casino is set to host the Wynn Signature Series. Games during the series will take place without plexiglass but the tables will still only seat eight players.

Employees must still wear masks and some social distancing requirements are still in place at the facility. The removal of the plexiglass is a good sign though that hopefully things are turning around. Many friends and family who travel to casinos together do not like the partition as it takes away from being able to talk to each other.

Is It Too Soon?

While many players are happy to see the plexiglass removed from the poker tables, some feel the change is taking place too soon. Even though employees have been vaccinated and those visiting may be vaccinated as well, they can still spread the virus. Will the vaccination process and new restriction changes at the casino be enough to see an increase in visitors?

Some people feel that removing the barriers creates a bigger risk due to the social distancing aspect. Many players might have felt more at ease with the barrier in-between them and another player. It will be interesting to see if this change results in more foot traffic or if players will be more skittish to visit now that there is no physical barrier between them and other players.

Operators like Wynn feel like the change is a positive one and will result in a happier client base.