Player Loses $16,000 by Sitting Out at the Wrong Time

If you are going to sit out from a cash game, there are better times to do it than just before a $655,000 Bad Beat Jackpot is won at BetOnline Poker.

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Bad Beat Jackpot at BetOnline Poker

If you are going to sit out from a cash game, there are better times to do it than just before a $655,000 Bad Beat Jackpot is won at BetOnline Poker.

On Wednesday evening, the Bad Beat Jackpot was won at BetOnline Poker. Having not been won since February, the prize pool was a massive $655,000. Under the terms of the promotion, the Jackpot was shared between the winner of the hand, the player who suffered the Bad Beat, and the other players at the table who were dealt into the hand.

Unfortunately one player – “fish2016” – was sitting out at the time the hand was played that won the Bad Beat Jackpot. Consequently he missed out on picking up $16,377 and his share of the prize pool was distributed between six other players – elevating their winnings to $19,107. Great news for them, but “fish2016” must be gutted!

Catfancy Loses the Hand of His Life

The bad beat hand was played at a full ring $1.00/$2.00 NL Hold´em Jackpot table. It started fairly innocuously with five players paying the minimum to see the flop of 3 Q 9. A round of checking followed before the Turn card – 7 – sparked some serious action. “Rambo173” (Q♠ 5♣) made a near pot-sized bet of $9.25 and was called by “pygmy416” (J 10) and “catfancy” (5 6). The other two players folded.

The River card – 8 – prompted “pygmy416” to bet $17.58. “catfancy” raised to $35.16, “Rambo173” got out of the way, and “pygmy416” went all-in for $112.79. “catfancy” made the call and showed a straight flush 5 to 9 – not quite good enough to beat the straight flush 7 to J of “pygmy416”. “pygmy416” collected the pot of $294.99 and, as the hand qualified for the Bad Beat Jackpot, $114,642.39 for winning the hand.

catfancy” – having been the player to have lost a hand with Quad Jacks or better – picked up the massive prize of $229,350.34, while a further $114,642.39 was shared between the other players dealt into the hand – sadly not “fish2016”. Also of note, one player – “ksevrakwthras” – had just joined the table (or re-joined the table after sitting out). He put his $2.00 blind into the pot, folded his 2♠ 4 when the betting started, and won $19,107. Talk about being in the right place at the right time!

New Bad Beat Jackpot Seeded with $196,500

Bad Beat JackpotAs 30% of each Bad Beat Jackpot is allocated to seeding the next Bad Beat Jackpot there is already more than $200,000 in the prize pool for the next time somebody loses a hand with Quad Jacks or better. To qualify for the Jackpot, both hole cards must be included in the losing player´s hand, there must be at least four players dealt into the hand, and the hand must go to showdown. The final stipulation is that the hand must be played at a Jackpot table.

The Jackpot prize pool is likely to grow quickly again this weekend. BetOnline Poker is hosting its monthly $100,000 guaranteed tournament on Sunday and there are some tightly-fought battles going on at the top of the three weekly cash race leaderboards. It is also the final weekend of BetOnline Poker´s Mid-Summer MTT Challenge with $5,000 up for grabs between the players who qualify for the Leaderboard Face-Off Tournament.

If the volume of promotions appeals to you, why not head over to BetOnline Poker and check it out. The site offers new players a 200% first deposit bonus up to $2,500 (read our BetOnline Poker review for terms and conditions), and entry into a Welcome Freeroll with a prize pool of $5,000. Even though the Bad Beat Jackpot has been won, there is still $70,000 in the pot for the next player to suffer a bad beat, and at least $5,000 for every player dealt into the bad beat hand.

Will you be in the right place at the right time this weekend at BetOnline Poker? Or will you be sitting out of the action?

One Reply to “Player Loses $16,000 by Sitting Out at the Wrong Time”

  • Kevin says:

    This is not true. If the player had been sitting in then the whole distribution of the cards would have been different and the bad beat would never have occurred, therefore it is not true to say that the player lost $16,000 by sitting out. He lost nothing by sitting out.