Play Party Poker´s Monster Series Phased Events Today

Party Poker Monster Series March 2019

If you thought Party Poker´s Monster Series didn´t start until Sunday, think again. Phase 1 qualifiers for three valuable events are already underway.

While the big shots are away in Las Vegas playing for big bucks and sparkling bangles, Party Poker is giving the rest of us a chance to get our hands on some worthwhile prize money with a new low buy-in Monster Series. The series consists of 108 tournaments with buy-ins ranging from $1.10 to $55.00 and has total guaranteed prize pools in excess of $2.5 million.

However, whereas the series is widely advertised as running from Sunday 2nd June to Sunday 9th June, Phase 1 qualifiers for three of the four Championship events are already underway – potentially giving players “in the know” a head start over everybody else. So, if you would like to benefit from being “in the know”, visit Party Poker today.

How the Phased Monster Series Tournaments Work

There are three phased tournaments in the Monster Series schedule for which the Final Phases are listed as events #32-Low, #32-Medium, and #32-High. The Final Phases will be played on Sunday 9th June and can be bought into directly for $2.20, $11.00, and $55.00 respectively. The guaranteed prize pools for each phased tournament are pretty good – ranging from $10,000 to $200,000.

What players “in the know” already know is that players buying directly into the Final Phases will start with a stack of 500,000 chips and blinds of 2,500/5,000 (ante 600). However, if you qualify for the Final Phases via a Phase 1 qualifier, you carry forward your chip stack. Some players have taken advantage of this to qualify for the Finals of the Phased Monster Series with stacks in excess of 1.6 million chips.

Clearly, qualifying players can have a serious advantage over players buying in directly; and, although not every player qualifying for the Final Phases have a 3x advantage over players buying in directly, it can pay to play in the Phase 1 qualifiers – especially as they have a buy-in one tenth of the target tournament (i.e. $0.22, $1.10, and $5.50).

What´s important to remember is that Phase 1 qualifiers these are not satellites in which one-in-ten players qualify for the target event. They are time-limited games of twenty-four 5-minutes levels, after which players with chips in front of them are automatically entered into the Final Phases. Players with smaller chip stacks can try to qualify again; and, if they are successful, they will carry forward the larger stack into the Final Phase.

Also Plenty of Undersubscribed Monster Ticket Satellites

If you are intending to play in any Monster Series event with a buy-in of $1.10 or more, it is well worth checking out the satellite lobby for satellites guaranteeing a fixed number of Monster tickets. A quick review of last night´s action shows that, although the “prize pool guarantees” (i.e. twenty x $5.50 tickets) are typically between one hundred times and two hundred times the buy-in, the satellites are only attracting between sixty and eighty players.

What this means to players looking for value is that a Monster Series satellite may be offering $110 in prizes, but only collects between $30 and $40 in buy-ins. Furthermore, if the satellites were fully subscribed (i.e. attracted two hundred entries) the chances of you winning one of the tickets on offer is much lower than when only sixty to eighty players are involved. So, if you want to take advantage of these opportunities to load up your ticket store for the Monster Series, visit Party Poker today.