Play Cash Countdown at William Hill and Share in €85K

Cash Countdown at William HillWilliam Hill Poker is hosting a new time-based promotion for May in which players can share in €85,000 by completing their chosen mission within two hours.

William Hill Poker´s “Cash Countdown” promotion is a new twist on an old theme. Like most previous mission-based promotions hosted by the site, players have to complete daily and weekly missions in order to win seats in All-In Shootout tournaments. However, unlike in previous promotions, players have only two hours in which to get the job done.

Although the time-based condition of the promotion might lead some players to believe participating in the promotion has just got harder, the opposite is true. Most of the missions have been made much easier than before, making it more likely that players will qualify quicker for the All-In Shootout tournaments. In fact, it would be a challenge not to win anything at William Hill Poker this month.

How the Cash Countdown Promotion Works

Each day until the 4th June, players will be given a choice of three missions to complete – a cash game mission, a Twister mission or an MTT mission. Once the player has selected his or her mission, a clock appears and starts counting down. Players have two hours to complete their chosen mission, on completion of which they will be awarded a ticket to an All-In Shootout with a cash prize pool of €1,000.

The cash game missions vary from day-to-day and are simple to complete. For example, on Mondays, players have to be dealt a pocket pair within the two hour limit. Any pocket pair will do, and it does not have to form part of a winning hand in order to qualify. Players can fold their hand during the pre-flop action and still qualify for their All-In Shootout ticket. The full list of cash game missions is as follows:

Day Cash Game Missions
Monday Be dealt any pocket pair
Tuesday Win a hand at showdown
Wednesday Win five hands (not necessarily at showdown)
Thursday See ten flops within two hours
Friday Play twenty-five hands within two hours
Saturday Win two hands in a row
Sunday Win with 3 of a kind or better


The cash game missions can be completed on any NL Hold´em cash game or Speed Poker tables with blinds of €0.05/€0.10 or higher except for heads-up tables.

In most cases the Twister missions and the MTT missions can be completed within minutes. Most involve entering a game or two and, as long as players do not subsequently unregister, they will receive their ticket to the All-In Shootout. Tickets are awarded automatically, but players are required to register manually for each daily and weekly All-In Shootout. The Twister and MTT missions are:

Day Twister Missions (min. buy-in) MTT Missions (min. buy-in)
Monday Play 5 Twisters (min. €2.00) Play 1 MTT (min. €5.00)
Tuesday Win 1 Twister (min. €5.00) Play 1 MTT (min. €5.00)
Wednesday Play 2 Twisters (min. €5.00) Play 1 MTT (min. €5.00)
Thursday Win 1 Twister (min. €5.00) Play 1 MTT (min. €5.00)
Friday Play 2 Twisters (min. €5.00) Play 1 MTT (min. €5.00)
Saturday Win 2 Twisters (min. €2.00) Play 1 MTT (min. €5.00)
Sunday Play 2 Twisters (min. €5.00) Play 1 MTT (min. €10.00)


Daily and Weekly All-In Shootout Tournaments

The daily All-In Shootouts take place at 8:00pm (BST) each day up until Sunday 4th June. Once registered for a daily All-In Shootout tournament, it is not necessary to be physically present to play in them as players are all-in every hand. Players who want to follow their progress in each tournament can do so, but will be unable to influence the betting action.

Players who qualify for, and play in, three daily All-In Shootouts will win a ticket to a weekly All-In Shootout tournament with a cash prize pool of €10,000. The weekly All-In Shootout tournaments take place on Sunday evenings at 9:00pm (BST) and are again all-in every hand. Players can win a second ticket to the weekly event by completing four or more daily missions.

Terms and conditions relating to the Cash Countdown promotion can be found on the William Hill Poker website. If you are not yet playing on the site and would like details about a juicy first deposit bonus up to €1,500 and one of the best Welcome Packages in the industry, check out our William Hill Poker review.