PKO Tournament Series Coming to Party Poker on Sunday

Progressive Knockout (PKO) tournaments at Party PokerParty Poker is running a series of Progressive Knockout (PKO) tournaments from Sunday and supporting the series with $10 million in guaranteed prize pools. If you have never experienced the thrill of playing in a PKO tournament before, don´t miss out on this exciting opportunity.

When a player buys into a PKO tournament, half of the buy-in is allocated to the prize pool and the other half is a bounty on their head. If you eliminate the player from the tournament, you win half the bounty and the other half is added to the bounty on your head.

The nature of PKO tournaments results in some very loose play and potentially some very substantial winnings. Towards the end of a PKO tournament, the leading players have bounties on their heads many times the value of the prize money; and, if you win the tournament, you keep your own bounty plus the first place prize money.

PKO tournaments have become very popular in recent years. This is primarily because you can win multiple times your buy-in before reaching the bubble simply by eliminating other players from the tournament. Acknowledging the popularity of PKO tournaments, Party Poker is hosting a special week of KO events and supporting the series with $10 million in guaranteed prize pools.

Party Poker´s Progressive Knockout Series

Party Poker´s PKO Series starts on Sunday with five events kicking off simultaneously at 3:00 p.m. (all times GMT). Further rounds of tournaments start every two hours until 11:00 p.m., with the cycle repeating itself daily. Sometimes there may only be three events starting simultaneously – sometimes there may be as many as eight. There will always be something for everyone who enjoys KO events.

Over the course of the week (Sunday 25th February to Sunday 4th March), the site will host a total 164 special knockout tournaments with buy-ins starting from $1.10 and ranging all the way up to $1,050 (so each player starts with a bounty of between $0.50 and $500 on their head). Seven of the tournaments have been designated “Championship Events”, three of which have $1 million guaranteed prize pools:

  • 25th February@7:00 p.m. – $215 buy-in – $1M Guaranteed
  • 4th March@7:00 p.m. – $215 buy-in – $1M Guaranteed
  • 4th March@7:00 p.m. – $5,200 buy-in – $1M Guaranteed
  • 4th March@5:00 p.m. – $1,050 buy-in – $500K Guaranteed
  • 4th March@7:00 p.m. – $55 buy-in – $100K Guaranteed
  • 4th March@7:00 p.m. – $11 buy-in – $50K Guaranteed
  • 4th March@7:00 p.m. – $2.20 buy-in – $20K Guaranteed

Qualifiers for the first of the Championship Events are running hourly at Party Poker. These have a buy-in of $44.00 and guarantee up to one hundred seats in the target event – so plenty of value to be had if you pick your time right! There are also sub-satellites running from Centroll level that enables players to qualify for the $44.00 qualifiers. Players can buy-in at any of three levels – $0.01, $1.10 or $8.80.

Party Offers an Incentive to the Ladies

When Party Poker ran its recent PowerFest series, it hosted three events [geolink href=”″]exclusively open to female players[/geolink]. The site incentivised its lady players to play in all three events by offering to double or triple any player´s prize money if they made two or three Final Tables. For its KO Series, Party Poker is repeating the offer. (Cash prizes only. The offer does not apply to bounties).

The three Ladies KO tournaments will all be played simultaneously on Sunday 4th March at 7:00 p.m. They have buy-ins of $5.50, $22.00 and $109.00 and are guaranteed respectively for $2,000, $5,000 and $10,000. As the fields are anticipated to be relatively small (particularly for the high buy-in event), this offer represents an excellent opportunity for a female player to add significantly to her bankroll.

Qualify Today for Sunday´s $1M PKO Event

Although the more generous qualifiers for Sunday´s $1M guaranteed PKO event don´t get underway until the weekend, there are some cracking opportunities to book your seat in the event beforehand. Tonight for example, there are five $44.00 buy-in qualifiers getting underway between 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. and – between them – they guarantee 120 seats into the target event.

Visit Party Poker today to find out more; and, if you are not already playing at the site, read our [geolink href=””]Party Poker review[/geolink] before you go to find out more about the first deposit bonus and other benefits of playing at the site. Next week at Party Poker is going to be Knockout. Make sure you don´t miss it. Visit Party Poker today.