Paul Findlay is Real Hero of UKIPT Series 6

Paul Findlay took down the UKIPT Series 6 at PokerStars Live yesterday and immediately donated 10% of his £12,396 prize money to the charity Help for Heroes.

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Paul Findlay is Real Hero of UKIPT Series 6Paul Findlay took down the UKIPT Series 6 at PokerStars Live yesterday and immediately donated 10% of his £12,396 prize money to the charity Help for Heroes.

Paul Findlay proved to be a real hero yesterday at the Hippodrome Casino in London – battling through 353 players in the UKIPT Series 6 to win £12,396 after a four-way deal at the final table. However, this was not the toughest battle Findlay had ever faced.

In 2009, Paul Findlay lost a leg when serving with the 19 Light Brigade in Afghanistan and has since become an ambassador for the Help for Heroes charity – an organisation which helped him come to terms with having his leg amputated after his patrol vehicle was blasted by a bomb.

Yesterday Paul Findlay nearly didn´t bother showing up for Day 2 with a stack of less than 10 Big Blinds, but he soldiered on and found pocket bullets at the right time to take control of the UKIPT Series 6 final table and then go on to master Mario Trattou in the heads-up.

UKIPT Series 6 – Day 2 Begins with 105 Remaining

From two opening flights on Friday and Saturday, 105 players survived to take their seats for yesterday´s action. The 47-player bubble burst just after 3:00pm when Rob Ayton moved all-in with A♣ 7 and received a call from a player with A♠ J. Ayton looked good for a double up after the flop and Turn of 8 8♣ 4 / 7, but the J♣ spiked on the River to send him to the rail in forty-eighth place.

The usual rush of eliminations followed the bubble bursting – with Paul Findlay chipping up somewhat fortunately when his K♠ 4♠ spiked a five-high straight on the River to double up against Victor Ilyukhin (A Q) who had turned two pairs. Two hands later and Findlay bust Ilyukhin when his pocket Threes held over the (rather annoyed) Ilyukhin´s pocket Deuces.

The final table was set when Mario Trattou eliminated three players in quick succession – enabling to go into the climax of the UKIPT Series 6 with a chip stack double the size of his nearest opponent:

# UKIPT Series 6 Chips
1 Mario Trattou 2,450,000
2 Jen-Yue Chiang 1,040,000
3 Garcia Damaso 875,000
4 Onur Dag 835,000
5 Zhashayor Zarghampour 710,000
6 Paul Findlay 520,000
7 Darren Murphy 365,000
8 Steven Lewzey 240,000


Four Bust and Deal is Agreed

The final table started well for Steven Lewzey – tripling up with A 6 after hitting a runner-runner flush – but not so well for Jen-Yue Chiang, who doubled up Paul Findlay K K > A♠ K♠ before Findlay eliminated Chiang in eighth place with 10 10 > 8 8.

Paul Findlay took a big hit to his chip stack when doubling up Onur Dag 10♣ 10♠ > A Q♣, but he was soon to recover second place in a sensational hand which saw Steven Lewzey move all-in with A♣ 7♣, Day 1A chip leader Darren Murphy move over the top with 8♠ 8 and Findlay making the call with A♠ A.

Findlay´s Aces held to eliminate Lewzey and cripple Murphy, and Darren Murphy was the next player to leave the final table when Zhashayor Zarghampour (Q♣ 5) found two pairs to best Murphy´s J 7♣. Onur Dag was eliminated just a few hands later by Garcia Damaso (Ace-King > pocket Nines) after which the four remaining players agreed a deal which left £3,500 to play for as well as a seat in the UKIPT Champion of Champions event later this year.

Findlay Wins UKIPT Series 6 with Pocket Aces

With the deal agreed, Paul Findlay wrapped up victory in the UKIPT Series 6 within forty-five minutes. Garcia Damaso was unlucky to be bust in fourth place after moving all-in with 8♠ 6♠ after the flop of 10♠ 8 6. He got a call from Khashayar Zarghampour (Q 10♠) and was bust when Zarghampour hit a Jack and a Nine to complete a runner-runner Queen-high straight.

Khashayar Zarghampour´s good fortune deserted him almost immediately. Having been put all-in by Mario Trattou (K♣ 5), Zarghampour (Q♠ 7♠) looked good to double up into the chip lead following the flop of 9♠ 8♠ Q♣. However, no more spades were dealt on the board, and Zarghampour was sent to the rail in third place when Trattou spiked the K on the River – Trattou taking a narrow chip advantage into the heads-up against Paul Findlay.

Mario Trattou´s chip advantage went pear-shaped in the first hand of the heads-up – Paul Findlay doubling up K♠ 7 > Q 4♠ after the two players had got their chips in the middle following the flop of K♣ Q♠ 7. Trattou tried to battle back, but Paul Findlay set a marvellous trap with pocket Aces – eliciting a shove from Trattou on the flop of K♠ Q 9 with a paired Queen. Findlay made the call and Turned a set of Aces – sealing his victory in the UKIPT Series 6.

# UKIPT Series 6 Result
1 Paul Findlay £12,396
2 Mario Trattou £10,874
3 Zhashayor Zarghampour £9,688
4 Garcia Damaso £9,092
5 Onur Dag £5,100
6 Darren Murphy £3,900
7 Steven Lewzey £2,850
8 Jen-Yue Chiang £2,100