Party´s $15K Incentive to Qualify for Millions Online

Party Poker's Millions OnlineParty Poker has put up a $15,000 incentive to encourage players to qualify early ahead of the site´s $5 million guaranteed Millions Online event in December.

If you are planning on taking part in next month´s “Millions Online” event at [geolink href=””]Party Poker[/geolink], the site is offering a massive incentive for early qualification. The first one hundred players to book their places in a Day 1 of the $5,300 buy-in event will be entered into a last longer competition – with a $15,000 package up for grabs to the $10 million guaranteed Millions Final in Barcelona next April.

The incentive is great news for the twenty-five players who qualified in last night´s Millions Online Mega-Satellite Final. With another Mega-Satellite scheduled for next Sunday evening, there will undoubtedly be plenty of players populating this week´s “quarter-final” and “semi-final” sub-satellites, and – of course – the lower levels of the qualification tree, which starts with buy-ins of $0.01.

Party Poker´s Millions Online

Party Poker´s buy-in Millions Online event runs from Sunday 3rd December until Wednesday 6th December. The tournament has three Day 1s, concluding with a Turbo Day 1C at 9:00am on Tuesday 5th December (all times EST). Surviving players carry their chip stacks forward to Tuesday´s Day 2 (at 2:00pm), where play continues for another thirteen levels before a winner is crowned on Wednesday.

The event guarantees a $1 million first prize (subject to any final table deals) and is being supported by a comprehensive satellite schedule. The first one hundred players to take advantage of the satellite schedule and book their places in Party Poker´s Millions Online will be awarded a Golden Chip. The last player standing with a Golden Chip will win the $15,000 package to the Millions Final in Barcelona.

How the Qualification Tree Works

The Millions Online qualification tree starts with “Centrolls” taking place every couple of hours. These hyper-turbo tournaments cost just $0.01 to enter and reward the top one hundred players with seats in a $5.50 buy-in “Feeder”. The “Feeders” are also hyper-turbo tournaments that take place every couple of hours and reward the top fifty players with tickets for a $22.00 buy-in “Quarter-Final” sub-satellite.

The Quarter-Final sub-satellites are played every two hours from 7:00am. Each hyper-turbo Quarter-Final lasts for 18 Levels, with players surviving the 54 minutes of action carrying forward their chip stacks into the next Semi-Final. Semi-Finals start every two hours from 8:00am, and are played at a far more appropriate pace – each level lasting eight minutes.

The Semi-Finals and Mega-Satellite Final

The Semi-Finals can be bought into directly for $109.00. Players receive a starting stack of 100,000 chips (blinds start at 500/1,000) which, based on last week´s Quarter-Finals and Semi-Finals, is around the average chip stack, but potentially half as much as the chip leaders. Play in the Semi-Finals continues for fifteen levels, with surviving players carrying forward their chip stacks into Sunday´s Mega-Satellite Final.

Sunday´s Mega-Satellite is scheduled for 2:00pm. It can be bought into directly for $530.00 (late registration is open for ten levels) but the 500,000 chip starting stack may put you at a disadvantage against players who have won their seats via the Quarter-Finals and Semi-Finals. Play in the Mega-Satellite continues until twenty-five players remain, who will each win a seat in the Millions Online tournament, plus a last longer Gold Chip for being among the first one hundred players to qualify.

Don´t Delay. Visit Party Poker Today

There definitely appears to be an advantage in qualifying for Sunday´s Mega-Satellite Final via the Quarter-Finals and Semi-Final sub-satellites. Going into last night´s Mega-Satellite Final, the average chip stack of players who had qualified via the qualification tree was a million chips, whereas players who bought-in directly only receive half that amount for paying $530.00.

Of course, it is possible you could qualify for Sunday´s Mega-Satellite Final after starting at the roots of the qualification tree at the $0.01 level. To turn a cent into a million dollars in December´s Millions Online tournament would be something spectacular. Plus, if you win the Millions Online tournament after qualifying this week at Party Poker, you will also be assured of winning the $15,000 package to the $10 million guaranteed Millions Final in Barcelona. That´s plenty of incentive to visit Party Poker today!