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Please note: as it says above, the current bonus is “Deposit $20 get $30 SPINS Tickets”. This is the currently highest bonus. The $500 bonus offer is no longer available at Party Poker!.

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Party Poker, World’s Most Rock Solid Poker Room

I’ve been playing at Party Poker since they opened the doors almost 10 years ago, and when I think of all the things I like about this poker room, what stands out the most these days is how rock solid a company it is. We used to think that Poker Stars and Full Tilt were pretty much untouchable, but they both got embarrassed with their pants on the ground lately as we all know. I guess when you go against the U.S. government this is what can happen. This would and never will happen with Party Poker though, as they got out of the U.S. market right after they made it illegal for Americans to play online poker. So there’s no chance of ever getting interfered with by anyone, which in itself is nice to know, especially with so many players wondering if and when they will ever get their money out of some of the poker sites that have been affected lately.

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The Ethical Standards Of Party Poker Are Sky High

Party Poker isn’t just some company run by a bunch of people sitting in some smoky back room on an island somewhere. It’s actually a publicly traded company on the London Stock Exchange, and they have to abide by all the rules of the stock exchange as well. So this has them operating the company with the utmost of fairness. For instance, they not only stopped taking Americans back when the UIGEA law was passed a few years ago, the U.S. government also felt that they should pay a huge fine of $300 million for allowing Americans to play at Party Poker, in the years before the law went into effect. How crazy is that? You know what’s even more crazy? Party Poker actually paid the $300 million to them. If they are willing to do something like this, can you imagine your money in a safer place? I sure can’t.

Party Poker Is Much More Than Just Poker

Party Poker not only offers poker, they have pretty much every other form of betting you can imagine. They also offer casino games, sports betting, real money bingo, real money backgammon, and even have a betting site where you can place bets on the way the stock market will go. So this is more than just a matter of whether they offer other games like Omaha or Stud as it is at most other poker sites. Here, you can bet on pretty much anything, and if you do, why deal with several sites with several accounts for all this stuff when you can do it all from just one?

Another benefit of this, and the one I like even better, is that you get a lot of cross population at Party Poker, meaning that sports bettors, casino gamblers, and the like come over to the poker side of things to try their luck at that as well. I always love to see these players as they don’t know a lot about poker and also don’t mind dropping a bundle at it. That’s a sweet combination.

Party Poker Has Always Been Very Popular

Up until the last few years, since they exited the U.S. market, Party Poker had been the world’s most popular poker room. They still probably would be if everyone were allowed to play there, and many Americans long for the days when they could. Party had and still has a delicious mix of lots of traffic and lots of fish which is what folks find the most appealing aspect of it. Party Poker is in fact probably the best all around poker room on the internet, when you take everything into account, and they really don’t have any notable shortcomings.

Party Poker Traffic Levels

Party Poker really shines in the traffic department versus most other poker rooms. They have dropped to number three over the last couple of years but are a strong third. I always say that this isn’t something you really need to pay attention to a whole lot, and it’s true that quality trumps quantity here. So many players make the mistake of thinking that they need to just have one poker account and thus need to limit themselves to just one of the biggest poker sites. This isn’t true at all, and you can have a whole bunch of accounts at different smaller poker rooms if you want, and that’s actually not a bad idea.

Having said all this though, if a poker room has a great selection of games and pretty much everything else going for it as well, the choice to play there certainly becomes easier. Party Poker is of this type. There’s a ton of players at any time of day, and this can be a real benefit especially if you like to play at off peak times. In addition, if you like to play less popular formats like Omaha or Stud you also can really benefit from increased traffic. So what it all comes down to is that while it’s true that the world is your oyster and people need to stop paying so much attention to the size of poker rooms and focus more on making sure they can access the best tables at any given time, a lot of the best tables are at Party Poker.

Softness Of Competition At Party Poker

This is what really separates Party Poker from the other mega poker rooms on the internet. The other poker sites have a lot of players, and even more than Party, but most of the tables there are tougher to make money at. This has changed a bit since Americans aren’t allowed to play at these poker sites anymore, and it’s true that there are a lot of mega tabling pros that are now out of the mix. Still though, these poker rooms still have a lot of better players at them, and that’s what you want to avoid.

This is so important that when I personally judge a poker site as far as my wanting to play there, the only thing I really care about is how soft the competition is at the stakes I play. However my goal is to make money and that’s not the case for everyone it seems. If you agree with me though, you need to pay real big attention to how soft the competition is. I haven’t played at Poker Stars or Full Tilt Poker for years for instance, as there are a few good tables but by the time you get a seat the fish are busted out. As long as I can find better games elsewhere that’s what I’m going to do. At Party Poker and other soft poker sites it’s so much easier to get into some good games.

Party Poker Game Variety And Selection

In addition to all varieties of Texas Hold’em, Party Poker also offers several variations of Omaha and 7 Card Stud. Stud isn’t really that popular anymore but if you like to play it you’ll have no trouble finding tables with it running. A lot of people like to play Omaha due to the fact that the play tends to be fishier than at Hold’em these days, and they certainly are fisher at Party Poker at least.

Party Poker also offers a lot of nice options in terms of their tournament structures, whether it’s sit and go’s or multi table tournaments. There are several speeds offered to suit everyone’s preferences and strategies. Buy-ins range from $1 all the way to $5000+10. By the way, one of the nice things about Party Poker is that they cap their tournament fees at $10 max, which is real nice if you like to play the bigger ones, and will end up increasing your return on investment, especially with the bigger sit and go’s where fees can really add up to a big chunk if not capped like this.

Party Poker Deposit And Withdrawal Options

The only people who really have any issues getting money in and out of poker sites are Americans, and since Party Poker doesn’t take them, then this is just a matter of picking an option that you like and going with it. Party Poker offers a ton of options, with no less than 36 different ways to deposit and 12 ways to cash out at the time of this writing. You can just transfer to and from your bank account if you want, or use one of the fairly convenient internet wallets, or use a credit or debit card, whatever you want really. There are too many options to bother listing here for you, although I can tell you that if you want to use a particular method, they probably offer it. If not, you can just pick something else from among their many options.

Party Poker Welcome Bonus

Although all the action at Party Poker takes place in US dollars, it is possible to open an account in Euros, £ Sterling, Canadian Dollars or Japanese Yen. The currency with which you open your account may affect the maximum bonus you are entitled to claim. For example if you open your account in Euros, the maximum bonus is the dollar equivalent to €325.00. If you open your account in £ Sterling, the maximum bonus you will be eligible for is the dollar equivalent of £250. Everybody else qualifies for a 100% match on their first deposit up to $500.

Details of how to clear the bonus appear on our Party Poker bonus code page along with some tips about how to clear the bonus quickly. Please note it may not be possible to request a withdrawal from your real money account balance until the full amount of the bonus has cleared or the ninety-day clearing limit has expired. This is becoming an industry-standard practice and is not one we agree with, but it is one of the terms and conditions of playing at the site all players should be aware of.

Party Poker Promotions

In addition to the welcome bonus, you can also get reload bonuses from time to time and it’s always a good idea to redeposit during these periods, even if you don’t need to, as you then get extra poker money in your account just by doing what you normally do which is play poker. So this works out to getting money for nothing basically, and you can always take out the excess amounts later on if you want.

Party Poker also runs a lot of other promotions and especially where tournaments are concerned. They are currently running the Summer Million promotion where you can get a seat in this big tournament. They now own the World Poker Tour so if you are interested in trying to win a seat to one of the tour events this is the place to do it. Of course they also offer WSOP prize packages which aren’t as easy to come by as they used to be. Poker Stars for instance has gotten out of offering WSOP seats these days, but it’s no trouble playing for one at Party Poker, and they also offer a wide variety of ways to win it, suited to everyone’s budget, including freerolls.

Party Poker’s Generous Freerolls

Speaking of freerolls, Party Poker offers $100,000 worth of free tournaments ever month, and although this isn’t something people playing any kind of decent stakes should bother with, they are great for newer players or people with a small bankroll. Play money poker is a waste of time, and freerolls are actually very good training ground for newer players, as the people there may not have paid for their seat but play like they did. Of course you can win some real money at these as well, which is always nice.

On the other hand, there are some freerolls that no one wants to miss, even the bigger players, and they are the special ones from the Gladiator series. You earn the right to play them based upon the amount of Party Points you earn each day on average, and there are some very nice exclusive tournaments that you can earn a seat in with this, including a $25,000 freeroll with not a lot of participants in it. You can also earn cash, anywhere from an extra $10 to an extra $4000, and if you really play a lot, you can even win a seat to the WSOP outright, just based upon your frequent play.

Party Poker Player Rewards Program

Party Poker has also ramped up its rewards program recently and are now paying out more than ever with this. They have a total of 10 different VIP levels, from Bronze to Palladium Elite, and the amount of points you earn for a given hand increases with each level. So of course the more you play and the higher stakes you play, the more you earn. So once you are done freeing up your welcome bonus, you can start climbing the levels and then use the points you earn for free tournament, your choice of rewards, or even cash. Overall this is definitely one of the best rewards programs out there, if not the best. I really like that you can take cash, and nothing beats cash really.

Party Poker Tell A Friend Program

This is something a lot of people don’t take advantage of, here and at other poker rooms, and it’s a great way to make some nice extra poker money especially when you’re just starting out and looking to build your bankroll. So all you do is refer your friends to them, and every time one of them opens an account, you get $10 each time they collect 60 Party Points, up to a maximum of $100 per friend. I see a lot of players struggle with small bankrolls and there’s no reason to, as we all know quite a few people who probably would be interested in trying out one of the best online poker sites around, and you can get paid pretty well here obviously for just passing their names and email addresses on.

Party Poker Software

I used to absolutely hate Party Poker’s software. However, I could easily look past that because of all of the fish there, and as I’ve said, the amount of fish at a poker site is far and away the most important thing to me. I always wondered why they didn’t update their software, and they finally did not too long ago. It’s now gone from crappy to excellent, and I especially like the great filtering options which make finding the tables you want a heck of a lot easier, and much better than just peering at the lobby. Those tired old avatars are gone as well, I’m so sick of them I can’t even tell you, but that tells you how much I’ve played there over the years. A big improvement here for sure overall.

Party Poker Security And Trustworthiness

Party Poker uses state of the art software to root out cheaters and to make sure that the games are as fair as they can be. I can tell you that from playing brick and mortar poker for years and being pretty familiar with the way things are run there, it’s a lot easier to cheat at a live game and there’s a fair bit that has gone on over the years. In particular, it’s almost impossible to stop collusion at these games, however with computer detection, even the worst online poker rooms do a lot better job at it. Party Poker uses the latest software here so you can feel good about it being kept to an absolute minimum.

Another issue that bothers a lot of online players is worrying about the randomness of the shuffle. Now it might be true that some rooms may use a program which is less than perfect, but to be honest people are generally just paranoid about this and use this as a lame excuse to blame their losses on, when it’s their bad play that’s gotten them in trouble. Still though, if this is a concern for you, Party Poker’s random number generator is state of the art all the way, using both physical and virtual inputs. There’s no room for complaining here.

Overall Recommendation

From reading through my review, it’s not hard to tell that I really like this poker room and in fact it’s always been one of my all time favorites. You don’t get to sit down with 9 complete idiots who will call you down every time with any sort of garbage hands, like in the old days, but the old days are long gone. Still though, things are pretty good at Party Poker in terms of the amount of bad players, and relatively speaking, there are a lot more of them for sure than at places like Stars and Tilt.

In addition to this, there’s really nothing that Party Poker doesn’t do well, and overall it’s a great poker room. When you add up all the good reasons to have an account there, which you’ve seen are many, and then you look at all the reasons not to have an account there, which there really aren’t any, the choice should be a pretty easy one for you.

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