Party Poker to Run Spanish/French PowerFest Series

Spanish and French players will soon have the opportunity to play in a special PowerFest series being run by Party Poker for its shared liquidity market.

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Powerfest March 2019

Spanish and French players will soon have the opportunity to play in a special PowerFest series being run by Party Poker for its shared liquidity market.

When the Spanish and French online poker markets were segregated in 2011, Party Poker´s tournament schedule was wiped from the face of Southern Europe – the site simply couldn´t find enough players to support a schedule worth running. A tournament schedule was re-introduced in June 2018 when Party Poker acquired a license to [geolink href=”″]operate a shared liquidity market[/geolink], but even then it was fairly modest compared to the schedules being offered by PokerStars and Winamax.

Now Party Poker is making a statement that it wants a slice of the Southern European tournament action with the announcement of a Spanish/French PowerFest series. “El PowerFest” (or “Le PowerFest” if you live in France) will take place from Sunday 24th February to Tuesday 12th March and consist of ninety-one events with up to five buy-in points for each (Micro, Low, Medium, High, and High Roller). In total the series is guaranteed for €3.5 million.

Format Fairly Similar to RoW PowerFest Series

Although the format of El PowerFest will be unfamiliar to players in Spain and France, it is one that is well-known to players in the rest of the world. Sets of tournaments will start on weekdays at 5:00pm, 7:00pm, 7:30pm (PLO), 9:00pm and 11:00pm (all times CET), with additional sets of tournaments starting at 1:00pm and 3:00pm on Sundays. As usual, the majority of tournaments are Progressive Knockout events, but there are a few 6-Max and 8-Max freezeouts included as well.

There will be three phased Main Events with buy-ins of €11, €55, and €250 guaranteed for €40,000, €125,000, and €350,000 respectively. Day 1s for each phased Main Event start on Monday 4th March and run daily until Monday 11th March. Players who survive the forty-seven levels of action on the first day will return to the tables on Tuesday 12th March to play Day 2 until it reaches its conclusion.

There will also be a €100,000 Championship Event on Sunday 10th March which has a buy-in of €1,050 – €520 of the buy-in being the starting bounty on each player´s head. This event – and many others in the High buy-in and High-Roller buy-in categories – will be supported by Party Poker´s value added satellites which, we suspect, will offer tremendous value to players who qualify through them.

Players can also qualify for El PowerFest events via SNG JAQKPOT games. SNG JAQKPOT games are the equivalent of [geolink href=”″]Party Poker´s SPINS games[/geolink] – three-handed, hyper-turbos in which a random prize value is drawn before the start of each game. SNQ JAQKPOT games are available with buy-ins of €3 and €10 and offer cash prizes at the two lowest prize pool multipliers (2x and 4x) and El PowerFest tickets thereafter. The €10 games look particularly attractive because, if a prize pool multiplier above 4x is drawn, all three players win prizes of various values.

Elsewhere on Party Poker´s Shared Liquidity Platform

Elsewhere on Party Poker´s shared liquidity platform, phased qualifiers are currently running for the WPT Barcelona and WSOP-C Cannes next month, plus players have the chance to win €2 million by playing in special SNG JAQKPOT games with a €50 buy-in. Generally the number of players is increasing, although only a few opportunities exist to flex your tournament muscles above €11 buy-in events.

Nonetheless, the tournament schedule is improving over time – and it´s certainly better than having no tournaments at all! We imagine that over the El PowerFest tournament series, Party Poker will be to the place to play if you live in Spain or France; and, if you are visiting either country during the series, have a word with Party Poker´s customer support about registering an account on the platform.