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Party Poker Plans to Enforce Min 100x Buy-In for Cash Games

Party Poker has announced plans to enforce a minimum 100x Big Blind buy-in for cash games. The change is expected to be implemented by the end of June.

100x Buy-in (100 big blind) Cash Games at Party Poker
100x Buy-in (100 big blind) Cash Games at Party Poker

Party Poker has announced plans to enforce a minimum 100x Big Blind buy-in for cash games. The change is expected to be implemented by the end of June.

Yesterday was a very busy day at Party Poker. Thousands of players took advantage of the Alias Race to change their screen names and win scratch cards with prizes of up to $10,000 in cash; and while most players were happy with the extra traffic and extra cash in their accounts, there were some who had difficulty installing the software upgrade and consequently missed out on some of the action.

The purpose of the Alias Race promotion and the software upgrade was to remove the ability of some players to get an advantage over other players by using poker-tracking software. It is one of a rumored fifty changes that will be introduced by the site over the next six to nine months in order to improve the poker ecology and give every player at Party Poker a fair gaming experience.

Min. 100x Buy-In the Likely Next Change

Prior to the software update, Party Poker leaked what is likely to be the site´s next big change – a minimum buy-in of 100x the Big Blind for all cash games and Fast-Forward games. In a post on Party Poker´s Discord channel, Colette Stewart – Party Poker´s face of marketing – announced she had some “hot news” that the site was revamping its cash games starting with changing the games to add a min buy requirement of 100xBB.

Party Poker Discord

The timeline for the changes was later disclosed in a Tweet on the official Party Poker account. In the Tweet, Stewart wrote the changes would be implemented by the end of June and further information will follow soon on the Party Poker website. What´s interesting to note is that both messages mention a minimum buy-in and not a fixed buy-in. We don´t know yet what the upper limit will be.

Possible Consequences of the Buy-In Change

Enforcing a minimum buy-in of 100 Big Blinds could have two consequences for players. The first is it will prevent players arriving at a table short-stacked, doubling up, and leaving the table with their winnings immediately afterwards. The second consequence is that the minimum buy-in requirements will dissuade players from playing above their bankrolls.  Both changes are potentially good for the game.

Short-stacked players with the intention of doubling up can be particularly annoying. They turn up at a table, shove with any half-decent opening hand, and disrupt the table environment. Although players playing above their bankrolls also usually come to a table short-stacked, they are the opposite – slowing down the action by playing an exceptionally tight game until they are dealt a premium pair.

Party Poker Quickly Becoming the “Go To” Site

By bringing in changes to encourage fairer games and a better playing experience, Party Poker is quickly becoming the “go to” site. Party Poker has always had a great range of cash games and tournaments, and has an exciting selection of promotions in the pipeline such as a new PowerFest series, another Caribbean Poker Party, and a repeat of last year´s $20 million guaranteed MILLIONS Online event.

Players of all skillsets and bankrolls benefit from the site´s weekly cashback promotion; and, if you are not yet playing at Party Poker, you get the opportunity to try out the site´s SPINS games and/or multitable tournaments for free when you make a minimum deposit using the Party Poker bonus code “[bonuscode room=”partypoker”][/bonuscode]”. Currently the offers for new players are:

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