Party Poker Making CPP Qualifiers More Accessible

Party Poker has announced a significant change to its Caribbean Poker Party qualifier, giving players more buy-in options to its phased final.

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Caribbean Poker Party PackagesParty Poker has announced a significant change to its Caribbean Poker Party qualifier, giving players more buy-in options to its phased final.

If you have been following the news on, you will be aware that Party Poker is running several promotions to qualify as many players as possible to its Caribbean Poker Party from November 19th to November 26th on the sun-kissed Dominican Republic.

A [geolink href=”″]$1 Million Summer Giveaway[/geolink] promotion launched in May was complimented last week by a [geolink href=”″]“Sub 55” Caribbean Poker Party leaderboard[/geolink] promotion – the latter of the two promotions providing a route into the site´s phased Caribbean Poker Party Final for players with limited bankrolls.

Now [geolink href=””]Party Poker[/geolink] has increased the buy-in options for the phased stage of the final – allowing players to get in “cheaply” for half the “regular” buy-in, or increase their chances of making it to the final phase by buying in for twice the “regular” amount and receiving double the starting chip stack.

The “Regular” Caribbean Poker Party Phased Final

The “regular” Caribbean Poker Party phased final consists of nightly “Phase1” tournaments (twice on Saturdays, and three times on Sundays and Mondays) that players can qualify for via promotions and satellites, or buy into directly for $109.00.

These “Phase 1” tournaments are 6-Max events in which players receive 30,000 starting chips and that continue for sixteen 8-minute levels. At the end of the sixteen levels, remaining players carry their chip stacks forward to the “Final Phase”.

The “Final Phase” takes place every Monday at 9:00pm CET and have five $8,000 Caribbean Poker Party packages as prizes for the top five players. Instead of playing through the “Phase 1” tournaments, players have the option of buying in directly for $1,050 and starting with 300,000 chips.

What Changes Have Been Made to the Phased Final?

The “regular” phased final still exists, but it has been complimented by additional tournaments with buy-ins of $55.00 and $215.00. These appear to be schedule for just Sundays and Mondays at present, but could be extended into nightly events depending on how popular they prove to be. The differences are:

  • The $55.00 buy-in “Phase 1” tournaments are full-ring games in which players start with 15,000 chips. The game continues for eighteen 8-minute levels before surviving players carry their chip stacks through to the “Final Phase”
  • The $215.00 buy-in “Phase 1” tournaments are also full-ring games, but players in these events start with 60,000 chips. The game continues for just thirteen 8-minute levels until drawing to a close and the surviving players progress to the “Final Phase”.

For the sake of avoiding any confusion, the $55.00 buy-in, the $109.00 buy-in and the $215.00 buy-in “Phase 1” games are separate tournaments. Players can enter as many “Phase 1” tournaments as they wish, but will only be allowed to carry forward their biggest stack to the “Final Phase”. All other chip stacks will be forfeited.

A Long Time to Go, but Worth Qualifying Early

November may seem like a long time away, but there are definitely advantages to booking a seat to the Dominican Republic now. Over the next few weeks, hundreds of top poker players will be in Vegas for the World Series of Poker – making the “Phase 1” tournaments a bit softer. Furthermore, as the Caribbean Poker Party approaches, more players will be getting involved in the promotion – making the “Final Phase” events that much harder to win.

The prize is certainly worth going for. The $8,000 Caribbean Poker Party package consists of accommodation for two at the all-inclusive Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, a contribution towards travel expenses and a buy-in to the Party Poker Million – one of two $1 million guaranteed events that will be taking place during the week. There will also be a host of daytime activities and evening parties, due to the Caribbean Poker Party coinciding with Dusk till Dawn´s tenth anniversary.

Now, with the options of buying into the “Phase 1” tournaments at half-price, or enhancing your chances of a seat in the “Final Phase” with a double-sized chip stack, the Caribbean Poker Party is even more accessible.