Party Poker adds another Million to “Millions” Guarantee

Another £1 million has been added to the guarantee for next April´s Party Poker “Millions” tournament, bringing the total prize pool up to £6 million.

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PartyPoker MillionsAnother £1 million has been added to the guarantee for next April´s Party Poker “Millions” tournament, bringing the total prize pool up to £6 million.

Next April´s Party Poker “Millions” tournament may still be six months away, but it is becoming one of the most discussed events of the year already. Launched last month as an event with multiple qualifying options – and incentives to qualify early – the “Millions” tournament originally had a guaranteed prize pool of £5 million, of which the winner would receive £1 million.

Now, due to the organiser´s desire to see every player who makes Day 4 “in the money”, the payout structure has been amended so that the top 279 players will receive a minimum of £5,000. In order to accommodate the extended payout structure, the overall guaranteed prize pool for the tournament has been increased from £5 million to £6 million.

How the Party Poker “Millions” Works

Although being primarily promoted by Party Poker, the “Millions” is not a site-exclusive event. A series of international partners including Dusk till Dawn are involved in the event that will culminate at the Nottingham poker club with four days of action between April 20th and April 23rd. In order to be involved in the climax of the “Millions”, players have to qualify via a series of online and live qualifiers.

At present, each Tuesday at 9:00pm (BST) online Day 1s are being hosted at Party Poker, while live Day 1s are being played at Dusk till Dawn. The Day 1s have a buy-in of £550.00, for which players receive a starting stack of 100,000 chips. Play continues for fourteen levels, with surviving players carrying forward their chip stacks into online and live Day 2s.

Or Buy-In Directly to Day 2

Instead of playing in the Day 1s, players have the option of buying directly into Day 2. So far only a handful of Day 2s have been confirmed. One live Day 2 will take place during the Caribbean Poker Party in Punta Cana on November 25th, an online Day 2 is scheduled at Party Poker for April 11th, and two more live Day 2s will take place at Dusk till Dawn on 18th and 19th April.

Players who buy directly into Day 2 for £5,300 will receive a starting stack of 1 million chips and the tournament will continue for a further ten levels. Only players who survive Day 2 of the event will be eligible to play in the final from April 20th. By the end of Day 3, everybody still alive in the tournament should be in the money due to the revised “Millions” payout structure and have a chance of winning the £1 million first prize.

New “Last Longer” Incentive Added

When the Party Poker “Millions” was first announced, two incentives to encourage early qualification were offered. The first was to encourage players to compete in the Day 1s and consisted of a £500.00 cash bonus for the first one hundred players to survive a Day 1 and carry forward a chip stack into Day 2. So far, there are twelve players who have achieved this step – with only two players having in excess of one million chips.

The second incentive is for any player who survives the live Day 2 during the Caribbean Poker Adventure and consists of a £1,500 cash bonus paid as soon as the ten levels of action are complete. The new incentive is a £100,000 cash bonus for the player who lasts longest in the Party Poker “Millions” after qualifying for Day 3 via the Caribbean Poker Party event. None of these bonuses are deducted from the prize pool and are in addition to the £6 million up for grabs.

Qualify for the Weekly Mega-Satellite at Party Poker from £5.50

Prior to each Tuesday´s online Day 1, Party Poker runs a mega-satellite guaranteeing ten seats into the £500.00 buy-in Day 1. The mega-satellite has a buy-in of £109.00 and, in the hours leading up to the mega-satellite, the site hosts a two-step “feeder” route.

The first step is played at 3:00pm and has a buy-in of just £5.50. This step guarantees a minimum of ten seats in the second step of the feeder route at 5:00pm that can be bought into directly for £22.00. A minimum of ten players from the second feeder will qualify for the mega-satellite at 7:00pm.

If all goes well, by 11:00pm you will have survived Day 1 of the Party Poker “Millions”, picked up £550.00 for being within the first 100 players to qualify for Day 2, and be on your way to competing for a £1 million first prize next April. Surely that´s enough incentive to [geolink href=””]visit Party Poker today[/geolink]!