Party Extends PKO Schedule with BIG Bounty Hunter Events

Party Poker´s extensive schedule of Progressive Knockout (PKO) tournaments has been further extended with the addition of BIG Bounty Hunter events.

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Bounty Hunter Events at Party Poker

Party Poker´s extensive schedule of Progressive Knockout (PKO) tournaments has this week been further extended with the addition of BIG Bounty Hunter events. However, players wishing to take advantage of potential overlays should be aware the tournaments tend to go on for a very long while.

Progressive Knockout (PKO) tournaments have been a major feature in Party Poker´s tournament schedule for almost a year. The events have proven to be so popular that the site has included them with increasing frequency in its PowerFest and Monster series. Indeed earlier this year, Party Poker ran two tournament series exclusively dedicated to PKO events.

Due to their popularity, PKO tournaments now run around the clock at Party Poker. However, this week, the site has added “BIG” progressive knockout Bounty Hunter events to its schedule that have enhanced guarantees and – due to the number of players entering them – conclude with the winner earning almost as much in bounties as they do for finishing in first place.

How Progressive Tournaments Work

When you enter a PKO tournament at Party Poker, half the buy-in goes towards the prize pool and the fee for entering the tournament, while the other half becomes the bounty on each player´s head. When you eliminate a player from a PKO tournament, you win half the bounty amount, while the other half is added to the bounty on your own head. In practise it works like this:

You enter a tournament with a $5.50 buy-in. Your contribution towards the prize money and tournament entry fee is $2.75, and the other $2.75 is the bounty on your head. Assuming the first player you knock out also has a $2.75 bounty on their head (it could be more, but won´t be less), $1.37 is credited to your account and $1.38 is added to the bounty on your head – which now becomes $4.13.

If you subsequently knockout a player in a similar position to you (i.e. with a $4.13 bounty), $2.06 is credited to your Party Poker account and the bounty on your head increases to $6.20. The tournament continues in this manner until one player remains, who not only collects the first prize for winning the tournament, but also the value of the bounty on their head – which can often be substantial.

The “BIG” Bounty Hunter Tournaments

The “BIG” Bounty Hunter tournaments are not all new events – some in the revised schedule were there originally but have had their guarantees increased. As well as the enhanced guarantees, what is special about them is that they all go off at the same time – 7:00pm CEST – with 26 levels of late registration (levels typically last five minutes with the exception of high roller PKO tournaments).

The prize money is guaranteed, so if not enough players enter the tournament to cover the guarantee, Party Poker will make up the difference. To date, the mid-range events have smashed their guarantees – but often gone on until 3:00am or 4:00am because of the number of players entering them. The PKO tournaments at either end of the buy-in scale is where you will more likely find overlays:

BIG Bounty Hunter Tournaments – Wednesday 26th September
Buy-in Guarantee Entries Overlay Winner 1st Prize Bounty Total
$0.22 $500 1227 $127.30 PokerMau10 $62.50 $14.79 $77.29
$1.10 $2,500 3186 None pairdukgg $252.31 $111.67 $363.98
$5.50 $10,000 2954 None loliamlol $1,172.26 $792.47 $1,964.73
$33.00 $25,000 1593 None soumi7 $4,038.99 $3,012.00 $7,050.99
$109.00 $100,000 910 $4,500.00 PureBaadi $8,890.81 $7,759.62 $16,650.43
$530.00 $100,000 188 $3,000.00 PureBaadi $11,208.89 $16,167.49 $27,376.38

So, a good night last night for “PureBaadi”, who not only won both the high buy-in PKO tournaments for more than $20,000, but who also picked up more than $23,000 for knocking out other players. You will likely see him (or her) back at the tables tonight, and undoubtedly on Sunday when the guarantees for the PKO tournaments are doubled (with the exception of the $33.00 buy-in event).

How to Qualify for the High Buy-In PKO Tournaments

If you want to emulate “PureBaadi”, you don´t necessarily have to have a substantial bankroll to support higher buy-ins. Party Poker has a comprehensive satellite schedule that enables players to qualify for high buy-in events from “Centroll” level (i.e. the buy-in is just $0.01). Many of these satellites offer a guaranteed number of tickets for high buy-in tournaments, but they tend not to be as well supported as the “BIG” Bounty Hunter events and often represent value for players who qualify out of them.

Further value can be found throughout Party Poker´s schedule of promotions – indeed earlier this week we reported how the site is giving away more than $50,000 in [geolink href=”″]MILLIONS Online satellite tickets[/geolink]. However, the promotion we really like is the Party Poker [geolink href=””]first deposit bonus[/geolink] and Get Started Missions that can help new players build decent bankrolls quickly and easily. So, if you have never played PKO tournaments at Party Poker before, head over to the site and take advantage of the value today.[isGeoAllowed room=”partypoker”]

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