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One Week Left to Spin Everest Poker´s Bonus Wheel

Players at Everest Poker have one week left to win no deposit bonuses up to €50.00 simply by playing games of Twister or earning Summit Points in order to qualify for a free spin of the “Bonus Wheel”.

Everest Poker´s Bonus WheelPlayers at Everest Poker have one week left to win no deposit bonuses up to €50.00 simply by playing games of Twister or earning Summit Points in order to qualify for a free spin of the “Bonus Wheel”.

There is easy money to be made at Everest Poker this week as the site concludes its €1 million Bonus Wheel promotion. All players have to do to take part in the promotion is opt in via the poker client and either play games of Everest Poker´s three-handed, hyper-turbo Twister games, or collect Summit Points by playing in regular cash games and multitable tournaments.

One a player has completed a Twister game or collected fifty Summit Points, they get the chance to spin the bonus wheel. Every spin awards a bonus of between €1.00 and €50.00 and, as players can have up to ten spins of the wheel every week, every player has the opportunity to win a no deposit bonus of up to €500 before the promotion finishes next Sunday (28th January).

What is the Realistic Chances of Winning?

Players familiar with these “Spin & Win” type promotions may justifiably be sceptical about how much money they can actually win. Regularly sites advertise “up to €xxx” prizes and, on investigation, the chances of winning a top prize are sky-high. So we reached out to Everest Poker and asked about the percentage chances of spinning one of the top prizes:

Value # Prizes % Chance Total
€ 50 10,000 4.55% € 500,000
€ 10 10,000 4.55% € 100,000
€ 5 40,000 18.18% € 200,000
€ 2 40,000 18.18% € 80,000
€ 1 120,000 54.55% € 120,000
TOTAL 220,000 100% € 1,000,000

Although it is unlikely the site will award 220,000 prizes before the end of the promotion, there is a reasonably fair chance of that a player taking advantage of their full ten spin allowance will win one of the top two prizes. With it also being likely they will win a couple of €5.00 bonuses and €2.00 bonuses, the average amount a player can expect to collect in no deposit bonuses this week is around €50.00.

Clearing the No Deposit Bonuses

The bonuses are cleared at the rate of 50 Summit Points per €1.00, and players have sixty days from spinning the bonus wheel to clear whatever amount they are awarded (the same length of time as new players get [geolink href=””]to clear the Everest Poker bonus[/geolink]). Summit Points are awarded at the rate of 10 points per €1.00 paid in rake or tournament entry fees, so the equivalent rakeback rate is 20%.

Furthermore, the Summit Points collected while clearing the Bonus Wheel no deposit bonuses also contribute towards players´ statuses in the Everest Poker Rewards Program, which rewards players with entries into exclusive freeroll tournaments, and offers more no deposit bonuses and cash exchanges. For most players, the Rewards Program is a great way to add to their bankrolls every month.

Opt In Today and Spin Your No Deposit Poker Bonus at Everest Poker

We cannot find fault with the current Everest Poker Bonus Wheel promotion. It offers a “win-win” scenario for every player regardless of your bankroll or like/dislike of Twister games and you might even enter a Twister game and draw the Jackpot prize of 1,000 times your buy-in! Plus, your action in Twister games also contributes towards your position in [geolink href=”″]Everest Poker´s weekly Twister Races[/geolink].

Opt into the promotion today, play your first game of Twister and find out how much no deposit bonus you can win. Don´t forget, you can spin the bonus wheel up to ten times before the promotion ends, and although the likelihood is you will receive around €50.00 in bonuses, you have the opportunity to win far more when you play the €1 million Bonus Wheel promotion at Everest Poker.