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Ole Schemion Wins Final Partouche Poker Tour

German professional Ole Schemion eliminated all five final table opponents to win the last ever Partouche Poker Tour Main Event.

Ole SchemionGerman professional Ole Schemion eliminated all five final table opponents to win the last ever Partouche Poker Tour Main Event

Ole “wizowizo” Schemion is enjoying a pretty good year. In the past twelve months, he has recorded cashes in EPT´s, IPT´s, WPT´s and a UKIPT, and yesterday he added a PPT to his collection with victory in the 5 million Euros guaranteed Partouche Poker Tour Main Event.

Showing that “size matters”, Schemion used his substantial chip advantage on Day 3 to coast through Day 4 and enter the six-handed final table in second position (3,510,000 chips) behind Russian player Karen Sarkisyan (3,990,000 chips).

Joining them for the finale to an event which had been overshadowed by Partouche´s initial refusal to honour the tournament guarantee were Day 1 chip leader Marcello Marigliano (3,165,000 chips), last Frenchman standing Fabrice Touil (2,555,000 chips), American Dan O´Brien (2,500,000 chips) and Australian Aaron Lim (1,470,000 chips).

No French winner of PPT as Touil First to Bust

Aaron Lim was the first player to make any significant move – doubling up against Fabrice Touil with a flopped set against Touil´s two-pair – and, when the Frenchman tried to recover some of his chips with pocket Fours against Schemion´s A 10♠, the 10♣ on the flop ended the last French participation in the event.

Marcello Marigliano was the next player to depart, running his pocket Jacks into Schemion´s pocket Kings, and the German´s chip advantage grew even bigger when he dispatched Dan O´Brien in fourth position – O´Briens pocket Nines failing to hold against Schemion´s A K♣.

Aaron Lim had played with considerable patience after his early double up to remain active in what was quickly becoming a very one-sided affair, but he chose the wrong moment to slide his chips into the middle with A♠ K – as Schemion was holding A A♣.

No Deal in the Heads-Up

Despite his considerable chip advantage (13.5 million -v- 3.5 million chips), Schemion was willing to discuss a deal with Sarkisyan but both players decided to play to a natural conclusion. As it was, that natural conclusion did not take long –

Sarkisyan, holding A 9♣, got all his chips in the middle following the flop and turn of 7 8 9 / 6♣ (top pair and nut flush draw). Schemion snap-called with K 2 for the second nuts draw. The J♠ river card could not provide Sarkisyan with the heart he needed to best Schemion´s flush and the German became the last ever Partouche Poker Tour Main Event winner.

Partouche Poker Tour Final Table Result

# Name Prize €´s
1 Ole Schemion 1,473,769
2 Karen Sarkisyan 871,424
3 Aaron Lim 524,617
4 Dan O´Brien 429,736
5 Marcello Marigliano 336,123
6 Fabrice Touil 280,841