Nicola Sasso Spins 1 Cent into IPT San Remo Victory

Nicola Sasso Spins 1 Cent into IPT San Remo VictoryNicola Sasso enjoyed a fantastic RoI when shipping the IPT San Remo Main Event for €185,000 after qualifying for the tournament in a 1 Cent satellite.

As the eight players took their seats for the Grand Final of the Italian Poker Tour Main Event at the San Remo Casino, Italian poker player Nicola Sasso held the chip lead after flopping a straight to bust Henry Buzzanca (6 7 > K♣ Q♣) in the final hand of the penultimate day.

Sasso was being chased up in second by US Team Ivey pro David Peters, with Czech poker player David Taborsky close behind in third and former professional football player Alessandro Monticciolo back in sixth position. All were in with a chance of the title and biggest slice of the €830,000 prize pool but, as events on the final day of the IPT San Remo Main Event unfolded, Nicola Sasso´s good fortune from the previous day was to continue.

# IPT San Remo Final Table Chips
1 Nicola Sasso 2,820,000
2 David Peters 2,275,000
3 David Taborsky 1,600,000
4 Valeri Savov 1,455,000
5 Jeremie Sarda 1,175,000
6 Alessandro Monticciolo 855,000
7 Domenico Benvenuto 325,000
8 Daniele Scatragli 195,000


Sasso and Peters Dominate Final Table

Throughout the early exchanges of the final table, honours were shared between the two chip leaders. Following the departure of short-stack Daniele Scatragli at the hands of David Peters, Domenico Benvenuto was unlucky to be eliminated from the tournament when running his pocket Aces into the AK of Nicola Sasso – Sasso flopping a King and then rivering trips to bust his compatriot.

David Peters subsequently took care of French poker player Jeremie Sarda (AQ > AJ) in fifth, before Nicola Sasso (66) caught a set on the flop of a 9-6-7 / 5 / 7 board to send the dangerous Russian Valeri Savov (K9) to the rail in fourth. Sasso set up the heads-up with David Peters by eliminating Alessandro Monticciolo in third (KQ > KJ).

Sasso Wins IPT San Remo after a Deal

Despite a 2 million chip advantage when the two remaining players took their seats for the climax of the IPT San Remo Main Event, Nicola Sasso agreed to a deal which would see both players guaranteed €155,000 with €30,000 and the IPT Grand Final trophy to play for.

Following the pattern of the rest of the day, the climax of the event did not last long. David Peters moved all-in pre-flop with A 2 and was called by Sasso (A 10) who again had the right cards at the right time. The 10♠ on the flop of K 10♠ 3 / 3♣ / A♣ ended the contest and Nicola Sasso was IPT San Remo champion.

IPT San Remo Result

428 players had paid the €2,200 buy-in or qualified online (as the champion did) to compete in the IPT San Remo Main Event. The top 56 players collected a cheque of some value from the Cashier´s desk at the San Remo Casino, with the final table payments being as follow:-

# IPT San Remo Result Prize
1 Nicola Sasso € 185,000
2 David Peters € 155,000
3 Alessandro Monticciolo € 83,000
4 Valeri Savov € 62,000
5 Jeremie Sarda € 41,500
6 David Taborsky € 33,200
7 Domenico Benvenuto € 24,900
8 Daniele Scatragli € 16,600