Nick Humphris Rules the Waves at GukPT Portsmouth

Local player Nick Humphris won an intriguing heads-up finale against Dom Mahoney to win the GukPT Portsmouth Main Event and a seat in the GukPT Grand Final.

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Nick Humprhis Wins GUKPT PortsmouthLocal player Nick Humphris won an intriguing heads-up finale against Dom Mahoney to win the GukPT Portsmouth Main Event and a seat in the GukPT Grand Final.

Leg 4 of the Grosvenor UK Poker Tour was played over the weekend at the Grosvenor G Casino in Portsmouth´s Gunwharf Quays and, after a titanic heads-up battle, victory went to local player Nick Humphris – although it was his opponent who went home with the more valuable cheque due to a deal made at the final table.

134 players paid the £500 buy-in or qualified for the GukPT Portsmouth Main Event – smashing the £50.000 guarantee and (prior to the heads-up deal being made) offering a first prize in excess of £20.000 to the winner. Despite the good numbers, play was cut short on Day 2 as the nine-handed final table was reached with more than a level of scheduled play to go.

Whirlwind Start to GukPT Final Table

The nine remaining players were reduced to just four within an hour of play resuming at the G Casino. Morgan Sorfleet was first to depart – being out-kicked AQ > Q8 on a Queen high board by Khalick Mohangee – and Mohangee was responsible for the second elimination of the day, when he rivered a straight to bust Dennis O´Mahoney 77 > QQ.

Trevor Bowers left the GukPT Portsmouth Main Event in seventh when he shoved his pocket Twos into the Aces of Dom Mahoney, and the ‘Mahoney Train’ carried on rolling as he sent Adam Boutwell to the rail in sixth (AK < K10) and Blair Hampton off to the cashier´s window in fifth (KK > AK).

Dom Dominates to Set Heads-Up against Nick Humphris

By the time the second level of the day started (Level 20 – blinds 6,000/12,000 ante 1,500 chips), each of the four remaining players were in with a chance of winning the GukPT Portsmouth title.

# GukPT Portsmouth 4 Handed Chips Chips
1 Dom Mahoney 985,000
2 Nick Humphris 715,000
3 Simon Skinner 510,000
4 Kahlick Mohangee 475,000


However, within 20 minutes of Level 20 starting four became two, as Dom Mahoney out-kicked Khalick Mohangee (that´s Karma for you) J♣ 9♣ > 7 9♠ – when both players had flopped trip Nines – and then flopped a Two to come from behind and eliminate Simon Skinner in third A♣ 2♣ > A 4.

Humphris and Mahoney Produce Classic Heads-Up Finale

Despite taking a 1.6 million -v- 800,000 chip advantage into the heads-up, Dom Mahoney was unable to continue his domination of the final table. Nick Humphris was continually chipping away at the big man´s stack and at one point drew level in chips when his QJ paired on the flop to best Mahoney´s A10.

Mahoney pulled back into the chip lead during the next level when he rivered a straight to beat Humphris´ pocket Kings, but Humphris reversed the chip counts when he took down a half million chip hand with trip Tens and then twice forced Mahoney out of big pots with all-in shoves.

Going into Level 23 (blinds 12,000/24,000 no antes) the chip counts were level once again when Dom Mahoney paired the Ace in his hand to best Humphris´ paired Five and missed flush draw, but a major hero call on a board of 5 K♣ 3♣ / 6 / 10♣ gave Humphris the momentum to win the event.

Humphris called Mahoney´s 225,000 chip river bet in a pot already in excess of ½ million chips – despite believing that his opponent may have made a flush draw – and was rewarded with a 2 million -v- 600,000 chip advantage when Mahoney´s bluff failed and Humphris tabled K5 for two pairs.

Within ten minutes of that pivotal hand, the tournament was over when Dom Mahoney shoved the last of his chips with pocket Sevens into Nick Humphris´ K♣ K♠, and failed to find the two-outer he needed to survive. Nick Humphris was the winner of the GukPT Portsmouth Main Event and took home the champion´s trophy, a seat in the GukPT Grand Final and £16,500 after a final table deal.

# GukPT Portsmouth Result Prize
1 Nick Humphris £16,500
2 Dom Mahoney £17,850
3 Simon Skinner £8,880
4 Kahlick Mohangee £5,520
5 Blair Hampton £4,360
6 Adam Boutwell £3,350
7 Trevor Bowers £2,680
8 Dennis O´Mahoney £2,010
9 Morgan Sorfleet £1,510