New Rush & Cash “Cash Flow” Promotion at GGPoker

If you enjoy playing GGPoker´s Rush & Cash games, there´s yet another great reason to spend more time at the tables – a new “Cash Flow” promotion.

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Rush & Cash Cash Flow at GGPoker

If you enjoy playing GGPoker´s Rush & Cash games, there´s yet another great reason to spend more time at the tables – a new “Cash Flow” promotion.

Rush & Cash is GGPoker´s version of fast-fold poker in which cash drops of between 10 and 500 Big Blinds come showering down onto the table at the beginning of randomly-selected hands. The cash drops can be either added to the pot or shared among players dealt into the hand depending on their size, and GGPoker claims the value of the cash drops is equivalent to 65% cashback.

The random cash drops are a great reason for playing Rush & Cash games; but, in order to benefit from them, you have to be in the right place at the right time. Furthermore, because of the value of the random cash drop prizes, players´ contributions to the rake deducted from Rush & Cash games do not count towards [geolink href=””]clearing the GGPoker bonus[/geolink].

Therefore, to encourage players who spend a greater amount of time at the Rush & Cash tables – and to reward them for doing so – GGPoker frequently runs promotions which are Rush & Cash exclusive. At present, there is a fantastic (although luck-based) [geolink href=”″]leaderboard competition[/geolink] running until the end of the month, and now GGPoker is adding another great reason to play Rush & Cash games – “Cash Flow”.

How the New Cash Flow Promotion Works

The Cash Flow promotion is a “hand-based” promotion inasmuch as it is based on the number of raked hands played each week. Starting tomorrow, players are set the target of playing 1,500 raked hands before midnight (GMT) on Sunday 25th August. Every player that achieves the 1,500 raked hand target in Week 1 will receive $5 in cash. Then it starts to get complicated.

Prior to the start of Week 2 (26th August to 1st September), GGPoker will determine the mid-point number of raked hands between all the players who played 1,500 raked hands or more during Week 1. Those above the mid-point will be set a new raked hands target, while those below the mid-point will be eliminated from the promotion. Here´s an example of how that works.

  • Player A plays 3,200 raked Rush & Cash hands during Week 1, and Player B plays 2,500 raked hands. Both players get their $5 reward for reaching the 1,500 hands target.
  • However, the mid-point number of raked hands among all the qualifying players is 3,000 – so Player A continues in the Cash Flow promotion, while Player B is eliminated.

In Week 2, the target number of raked hands increases to 3,000, and every player achieving the target will receive $12. Then there is another round of eliminations, and only players above the mid-point will continue into Week 3 (2nd September to 8th September) – during which the target increases to 5,000 and the reward to $20. For the final week of the promotion (9th September to 15th September) there is only one prize. The player with the most raked hands during the final week will win $1,000 in cash.

A Promotion that Every Player Can Benefit From

Although only one player will win the $1,000 top prize, as Rush & Cash games have stakes starting as low as $0.02, this is a promotion that every player can benefit from. We reckon that, by multi-tabling four tables simultaneously, a player of average aggression will easily play seventy-five raked hands in an hour. That means you only have to play twenty hours during next week to qualify for the first $5 achievement prize – not forgetting that you will likely benefit from multiple cash drops during that time, which will give you a high position on the “Drop Race” leaderboard for next week.

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