New Jersey Updates Responsible Gaming Parameters

New Jersey Updates Responsible Gaming ParametersThe Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) in New Jersey recently announced some gambling limitations that operators must offer to players who visit gaming sites.

According to the DGE website, gambling platform providers must allow players to set either daily, weekly, or monthly deposit limits in order to control amounts being wagered, and perhaps, lost. In addition, daily time limits of being logged on at gambling sites must also be offered by site operators

These new standards will likely by heralded by critics of online gambling regulation. Said critics often complain that Internet gambling may be a pox on people who lack self-control and who run the risk of falling victim to gambling addiction and financial woes.

Such behavior can affect entire families when it is the family breadwinner who fails to gamble in a responsible manner. Imposing limits on both the amount permitted to be deposited and the time a player can spend online daily can only be seen as positive for those who may be inclined to compulsive behavior.

Readers with sharp memories will recall that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie vetoed the state legislature’s initial online gambling bill that landed in his in-box earlier this year. Christie wanted more money set aside for gambling programs to assist players whose gambling habits spiral out of control.

The legislature agreed to Christie’s conditions and an amended bill was sent to the governor that allocated more funds toward problem gambling. It is apparent that New Jersey lawmakers and gaming officials are putting responsible gambling issues in the forefront while preparing to launch in just three months.

Casinos Similar to a Bank for Account Holders

The DGE also revealed that player online accounts will be tied in with their respective brick and mortar casinos. In other words, players who gamble online and win have the option of physically visiting the cashier cage to request an instant withdrawal.

This is a fantastic feature of the newly-regulated online gambling industry in New Jersey. Long delays in receiving cashouts will be history in the Garden State, as a simple visit to a casino will allow players to obtain winnings instantly.

The DGE likens that immediate cashout availablity to that of land-based banking. However, unlike a bank, there will be no interest paid on an account holder’s funds.