New Jersey DGE Unveils FAQ Webpage

New Jersey DGE Unveils FAQ WebpageThe NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement has established a frequently asked questions webpage that lists requirements regarding the state’s online gambling regime.

In an effort to assist those wishing to apply for licensing and other interested parties who appreciate being apprised of New Jersey’s plans for launching its Internet gaming scheme, the FAQ webpage is a wealth of information. Such crucial issues such as license application deadline dates and whether potential licensees need to first partner with land-based casinos before submitting applications are covered.

Some of the more pertinent information revealed at the FAQ page includes the fact that the state’s launch date is required by law to be no later than November 26, 2013. The Casino Control Commission can extend that go-live date for good cause. Also, New Jersey officials must announce the official launch date at least 45 days prior to actually going live.

While the DGE announced previously in a letter to its state licensees that June 29 was the deadline for casinos to name their online gaming partners, the FAQ page has posted July 29 as the due date for completed license applications. This includes those companies seeking licensure as a vendor or otherwise related to the casino service industry.

It should be noted that online gaming service providers and equipment managers who have not joined forces with an Atlantic City casino but wish to do so in some fashion at a future date submit their applications by the July 29 deadline. This includes foreign companies who seemingly have no current ties with any brick and mortar casinos in New Jersey.

Along with completed applications, any products that will require testing such as funds management systems, player management systems, or game servers must also adhere to the July 29 submission date. That includes games that have already been certified in jurisdictions other than New Jersey. Such products will not be approved in the Garden State until given the green light by the DGE’s Technical Services Bureau.

Please keep in mind that companies wishing to partake in the state’s online gambling scheme may still do so if their applications and product submissions do not comform to the July 29 deadline. That date has been established for those wishing to be part of the first-to-market launch in November. It is believed that some online gaming sites will be launching sometime after the go-live date.