Nevada Considers New Online Poker Bill

Nevada Considers New Online Poker BillNevada is considering an online poker bill that will allow customer sharing across state lines with other states that have also legalized online poker.

Las Vegas, the gambling capital of the US, is taking the necessary steps to make sure that it is a leader in the legalization of the online poker industry, and will do what it can to ensure that it does not lag behind.

On Monday, the four-month session of the Nevada Legislature will start, and it is expected that no time will be wasted as the lawmakers will start to discuss and debate the online gambling bill that would legalize online poker in the state. Not only would this online gambling bill legalize online poker in Nevada, but it would allow the online gambling to cross over state lines, thereby allowing players from other locations to place wagers.

While other states, such as New Jersey and California are also looking to legalize online gambling in their states, Nevada is looking at the greater picture, and is hoping that this current bill, Assembly Bill 5, will put Nevada in a stronger position than the other states as far as online gambling legalization is concerned. The plan, as laid out in the bill, is that Nevada would accept wagers from players in other states when the other states have legalized online gambling in one form or another. This would mean that, for example, when California legalizes online poker, players from California could also be offered the chance to place wagers at Nevada’s online poker or other online gambling sites.

At this time, however, Nevada only legally permits online poker, so this current online gambling bill refers to playing poker online. There are other online gambling bills that are also being looked at in Nevada at this time, with the Assembly Bill 5 currently being the most important one. Essentially, it would mean that Nevada would look into agreements with other states that have legalized online poker, and the governors of the two states would be able to reach an agreement to share their virtual customers, giving players more choices, and benefiting the states at the same time.

Should this bill pass through into legislation, this will pave the way for Nevada to earn greater revenue from online gambling, and will give their operators the chance for healthy competition.