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Nevada Casinos Developing Online Poker Software

Casinos in Northern Nevada are planning for new regulations that will allow them to offer online poker by late 2013.

Nevada Casinos Developing Online Poker SoftwareCasinos in Northern Nevada are planning for new regulations that will allow them to offer online poker by late 2013.

Despite the fact that new regulations have not been completely finalized, casino operators in Northern Nevada are working on the strategies that will allow them to offer online poker by late 2013.

According to the Commissioner of the Nevada Gaming Control Board, AG Burnett, a large percentage of Northern Nevada casino operators have already submitted their applications for interactive operator’s licenses.

Interactive licenses are awarded separately to gaming licenses. There is a license for operator of the interactive gaming website; there is a license for a manufacturer of the interactive system itself; and there is a license for those who make products associated with the website, explained Burnett.

Some of the first casino operators to work towards providing online poker in Nevada are Atlantis, Eldorado and Siena. David Farahi, Executive Director for Monarch Casino and Resort, which operates the Atlantis said that they are investigating potential partners for their online poker venture. They are specifically looking for technology providers who can develop software and manage the back-end operation of a poker website.

We are doing our due diligence and researching potential partners. As we learn more, we are developing our plan on how we are going to get into this industry, he said.

Siena Hotel Casino has created a new company, Z4 Poker to handle all the online gambling areas of the business. According to David Colvin, the majority owner of the Siena Hotel Casino, they expect to launch a free-to-play website in Q2 of 2013.

Burnett claims that the Gaming Control Board and the Nevada Gaming Commission have put every effort into staying at the forefront of this emerging industry. They are reviewing competing products and assessing software to ensure that it complies with the new regulations. Burnett has suggested that this is the last obstacle facing companies before they can launch their sites.

Fahari has pointed out the natural progression from wagering in a land-based casino to wagering online.

Gaming is a form of entertainment, and people come to a casino because they want to be entertained. We work hard at doing that, and being able to entertain someone in their living room playing on their computer is just another form of entertainment. We have learned how to entertain people, and this is just another way of doing it.