More Cash Up for Grabs on Party Poker´s FastForward Tables

Party Poker´s FastForward

Party Poker is complementing its ongoing FastForward leaderboard promotion with new mission-based and Happy Hour promotions that run until Sunday 6th October.

Last week we highlighted an excellent FastForward leaderboard promotion being run by Party Poker that pays out $80,000 per week to high volume players on the site´s fast-fold tables. Realizing that only high volume players were likely to benefit from the promotion, the site has now added two further promotions for FastForward players that everyone can benefit from.

Although the two promotions have been combined under the one heading – “FastForward to $500K Giveaway” – and can be played at the same time, they should be treated independently as each requires separate opt-ins. It is also recommended you opt into the leaderboard promotion as well, as the volume of action you put in at the FastForward tables may make you eligible for one of the weekly prizes.

FastForward Promo #1 – Missions

The Missions element of the $500K Giveaway promotion is relatively straightforward. Each day, opt into the Daily Challenge via the promotions section of the Party Poker client. The mission will usually be FastForward-based (i.e. get dealt 3x Pocket Aces playing FastForward) but could also be related to entering an MTT of a certain value or playing a specific number of SPINS games.

On completion of the mission, a pop-up will appear in the poker client congratulating you on your achievement and informing you of what prize you have won. The prizes vary between random cash amounts and SPINS tickets which have to be used within a certain time frame. Any random cash prizes you win will be instantly credited to your account.

FastForward Promo #2 – Happy Hours

The Happy Hours element of the promotion will be familiar to regular players at Party Poker as this type of promotion is frequently run by the site. It consists of randomly assigned Happy Hours run twice a day during which time you have to earn a minimum of 0.01 cashback points at the FastForward tables in order to be awarded a click card which will reveal a cash prize or SPINS ticket.

The times of the FastForward Happy Hours are advertised well in advance on social media and shortly before each Happy Hour begins in the poker client. Because this is another opt-in promotion, it is recommended you opt-in whenever you start your session. If you forget to opt-in, you will not be eligible to receive a click card regardless of how many cashback points you earn.

The Promotions May be Modest, but the Benefits Can Add Up

In Party Poker´s marketing of the promotions, it says players can win up to $10 per day. That may not seem like a lot; but, if you picked up $10 per day from today until the end of the promotion on Sunday 6th October, the promotion would be worth $200 to you. If you picked up $200 in SPINS tickets, the promotion could be worth a lot more.

Party Poker´s three-handed, hyper-turbo SPINS games give you the opportunity to win up to ten thousand times the buy-in if you play any of the $0.25, $1, or $3 games. At the $5 buy-in level, the maximum prize increases to two hundred thousand times the buy-in (i.e. a million dollars); and, at the $10 buy-in level, you can win tickets to live Party Poker events including the Caribbean Adventure.

Therefore, although the maximum prize you can get from the daily promotions may only be modest, ultimately you could win a considerable amount of money – not forgetting that you may also qualify for a prize in the FastForward leaderboard promotion as well. To find out more about all the FastForward promotions currently underway, head over to Party Poker today.

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