Mobile vs. Desktop Poker: What’s the Best Option for You?

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Since the majority of poker players are now staying at home due to the coronavirus, we could expect an increase in online poker activity. Even people who are not into poker are considering to take up different hobbies while they’re staying at home.

Many of them are having these important questions in mind — should one play poker on a PC or mobile device?

The truth is — both have some advantages and disadvantages, so let’s take a look at them in this article. Read on!

Desktop Online Poker

Playing poker on your desktop computer is the original way to play online poker. The good news is that you don’t need some sort of a super-computer to play poker on the web. Any device that’s not older than a decade should do just fine since poker platforms do not really require you to have a cutting-edge spec in your PC.

What many see as the main advantage of PC online poker over its mobile version is the ability to act quickly. Playing the game on the big screen, using a keyboard and a mouse, can help you a lot with this. You will have a nice overview of the game, and you will even be able to play several tables at the same time if you want.

Many professional players enjoy multi-tabling on platforms where it is allowed. They play several games at the same time to maximize their efficiency. While some people might not see this as very practical, others see it as a great way to get the most out of fish.

Mobile Online Poker

Mobile online poker has been getting popular for the past couple of years. The mobile gaming industry in general nowadays is continuously growing, as mobile technology is rapidly improving.

We are now able to play some games on our phones that were couldn’t even play on our desktop computers more than a decade ago. In other words, our phones have become our pocket computers.

One of the reasons why people love playing mobile poker is that they can do it anywhere and anytime. If you like playing games on the go, this is a great opportunity to install some of the available poker platforms and enjoy mobile poker.

For example, you can play a short cash game session while you’re waiting for your transport, or you’re waiting in line for something. That’s the beauty of mobile poker.

On the other hand, the main disadvantage of mobile poker is the inability to multi-table. A small screen is a huge opponent to online poker professionals, as it is also impossible to implement bots that help with the game.

Therefore, no matter how good our phones get, we’re still going to have that physical barrier of phones being too small for a complete online poker experience.

Now that the coronavirus is making you stay home, the only logical choice is to play the game on your PC.

However, once you’re able to go out, mobile poker might be a valuable option, especially if you don’t want to play it professionally. If your goal is to have fun and play poker from time to time, using your mobile device is a completely valid option.

Yet, if you want to focus on online poker and aim to become a pro, then you’ll have to accept the fact that playing on PC is the only way to do it right now. You will maybe have to buy an additional monitor, once you start getting into the swing of things.