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Ever since Planet Poker became the first online poker site to enable players to play online poker for real money in 1998, poker players have been looking forward to the day when they can play online poker wherever they go. Mobile poker sites were then something which had never been considered and, back in 1998, the only advanced technology available to mobile phone users was the facility to download a ring tone!

Laptop computers provided an answer to a degree and, when internet-capable mobile phones became more affordable, they too enabled players – or at least those with good eyesight – to compete in cash games and poker tournaments on their travels. Mobile poker sites, and a wireless internet connection reliable enough to take advantage of them, were still distant dreams for many poker players.

Demand for Mobile Poker Sites Grows

When mobile phones started to be produced with larger screens, the problem was only partially solved. Those playing on non-dedicated mobile poker websites via an internet connection were still subject to very small cards and command buttons; and even the introduction of four colored decks and specific function keys did not make life that much easier. It was only once players complained to the online poker rooms about the lack of mobile poker options that some of the most innovative started to develop mobile poker software.

Even still, the problem has not been entirely solved. As online poker players with Mac operating systems are well aware, wanting to play on [geolink href=””]online poker sites[/geolink] which does not cater for your operating system means you have to use a browser based alternative or not play at all. Poker sites wanting to develop their mobile poker applications have the same problem. Because there is no one leading mobile operating system, developing an app to satisfy every demand is both time consuming and expensive.

Mobile Poker Sites Get Creative

Some online poker sites had taken the bit between the teeth and developed apps for Android and Windows Mobile OS – a few are competing with Apple for iPad and iPhone apps, even though Apple are touchy about anybody playing for real cash on their products. However, even with these apps downloaded onto your mobile phone, the choice of games is often limited and, if the time you want to play poker on mobile poker sites is a period of low demand, finding somebody to play against might become a problem.

A good solution to this issue has been introduced by online poker sites such as PokerStars, who have developed their online poker interface to be playable on a mobile phone. Big screens, only five players to a table and giant cards (well they are if you are playing online) allows players wishing to play on mobile poker sites exactly the same experience as those sitting at home in front of their computers – without a limit on what games they have access to, easy poker deposit and withdrawal facilities and even a choice of avatars. You can play for fun, or you can play mobile poker for real money.

The Future for Mobile Poker Sites in [getYear]

Poker rooms offering a mobile client for real money have a long way to go to provide a service completely recognizable to that which can be achieved with the online alternatives, but the steps taken by PokerStars are a step in the right direction. Technology continues to become more advanced and one day all poker rooms will be producing a facility to please it many thousands of players wanting better access to real money mobile poker sites.

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