Michigan Finally Scraps Off the 15 day waiting period For a New Regulation to Take Effect

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Since 2019 Michigan has remained proactive in regulating online gambling. This has proved a blessing in disguise as more people are opting to wager bets at the comfort of their homes. Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed a law in December 2019 that legalized online gambling. However, the law was to take effect later in 2020 after the Michigan Gaming Control Board sort more time to fully regulate all sports gambling.

Poker Progress in Michigan

From the recent newsroom debates, poker is slowly sealing its fate. Unlike the past years, 2020 has been a tough year for poker players due to the ever slimming winning margin. Could the genesis of poker problems be a regulatory flaw?

Many folks argue that poker is a speculative and dynamic game, just like the November election! And with many states embracing online gaming, including poker –online gaming seems to be facing a well-determined future.

Lawmakers’ speeds up the approval process

Tuesdays was a significant breakthrough in Michigan’s gambling atmosphere when the 15 day period (the time it takes before your license is approved) was scraped out. Now the Michigan Gaming Control Board is faced with a challenging task to evaluate and approve license applicants within the shortest time possible.

From DC to Michigan

A few months ago, the Washington DC lawmakers tried to introduce and legalize a countrywide law that would allow online poker games to be legal across all states. One reason why the DC legislators made such a cunning move was that online poker was stagnating and only a couple of lawmakers at the state level cared about it. Hence, most elected representatives viewed the approval process of online games as not urgent.

Nonetheless, in Michigan, representatives are determined to catapult online gaming to the right trajectory through friendly regulations. And since it is almost 12 months since online poker was legalized in Michigan, it was time for a lawmaker to make another decisive move in its gaming laws this December.

New laws that bore a win-win situation

While the decision might primarily benefit poker enthusiasts and investors, Michigan State could not distance itself from the fact that it too will gain. As new poker sites are expected to take on the challenge and offer the best gaming experience, the state is expected to levy and tax their operations, benefiting the entire Michigan fraternity.

According to Michael Huff, a sports attorney, the revenue generated from online licenses will finance the Michigan Gaming Control Board and Michigan School.

The Covid19 Pandemic

Michigan was in dire need of new laws that would favor online Casinos after what happened to their Las Vegas-style casinos on the eve of the pandemic. In the spring of 2020, a total of 26 casinos were shut down by the state. However, 23 tribal casinos resumed their operation shortly after closure; still, they couldn’t quench Michigan’s poker pros! The three casinos in Michigan’s poker capital Detroit Greektown, MotorCity, and MGM Grand Detroit, remained shut to the public! Therefore, lawmakers made the best decision to support online casinos and ensure Michigan’s residents are safe while enjoying online poker at their homes.