Michael Addamo Returns to Try Four A Fourth Super Million$ Title.

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Many experienced professional poker players go their entire careers without winning the Super Million$ tournament once. Australian high flier Michael Addamo may be about to do it for the fourth time.

In poker, much like any other sport, the difference between great players and truly transcendent, generational players is the consistency of the latter. Generational players have a way of keeping motivated, where they strive to repeat wins and tournament successes until they decide their careers are over.

One such talent is Australian Michael Addamo. The 26-year-old has already enjoyed an illustrious poker career who boasts more than $8,300,000 in winnings to date.

His Super MILLION$ Victories

The man has been on fire in 2020, with all of his wins in the tournament coming between June and August. His first one came on June 30 when he cashed $393,261. On July 21, he won again at the competition, netting himself winnings of $534,664. The third and final victory was on August 16 and, on that occasion, Addamo banked $392,925.

Michael Addamo simply loves to compete at the Super MILLION$ tournament. He has played in all of its 20 iterations to date, managing to cash out on five of those occasions. Further breaking it down, four of the five times he won money saw him reach the finals table, with him winning the entire tournament three of those four occasions. He truly is a beast at the poker table, especially at the Super MILLION.

Going Into the October Finals

Ahead of the Super MILLION$ event on October 27, Michael Addamo will take his place on the table as the favorite. This isn’t only due to his pedigree in the competition, but the fact that he will have 3,221,339 chips to play with. Winning the event will net him another $324,053.

Of course, his opponents aren’t going to sit around and let him stroll to another win. Russian player Artur Martirosian stands as the strongest challenger to Addamo winning the competition once again. Second, to the Australian favorite on the chip-count list, Martirosian has an equally astonishing 2,859,117 chips that were a result of excellent play on the tournament’s first day. He is also no stranger to the competition, having won one previous GGPoker Super MILLION$ finals on August 9 – a win that came with a $442,184 prize.

The consummate poker entertainer, Nicklas Astedt also has his hat in the ring as a capable contender. The Swede is a legend in the eyes of many and is currently the world’s number one-ranked online poker tournament player. Astedt has played 19 out of the 20 Super MILLION$ events hosted to date, finishing in the money seven times. He will, however, look to surpass his highest ever finishing position of fourth in the tournament.

Addamo is likely going to end his career as one of his generation’s greatest players, having won multiple titles in different continents over his eight-year career already. Regarding the upcoming finals, it is sure to stand out as a highly-contested, entertaining game of poker, for fans of the different players seated at the table as well as neutral observers.