Mastering Multi-Tabling in Online Poker — Five Useful Tips

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Multi-tabling is a technique in online poker where professional players play at several tables at once. Although this may seem weird for poker lovers who are used to live poker, everyone who makes a transition to online poker starts getting comfortable with this idea.

Simply put, some platforms allow players to play on several tables at the same time, and professionals have been using this feature to get the most out of the online poker. Let’s take a look at how they do that and how you can become a multi-table player in online poker.

Focus on One Table First

If you’re new to the world of online poker, it’s always a good idea to focus only on one table until you feel comfortable enough to switch to playing at two. However, you should understand that a total beginner will take months to get proficient in playing on just one table.

You have to know the software you’re playing on and understand how it all works so that you can make the best decision in the shortest time possible.

Once you’re confident enough, you can switch to playing on two tables. However, you’ll have to play this way for some time again before you can increase the number of tables to three.

Recognize What You’re Good At

As a poker player, you probably have some advantages that you can capitalize on. When multi-tabling, this is extremely important as you can always focus your energy a bit more on the tables where you know that you’re likely to win.

If there comes a chance for you to win big and you think you can handle it, make sure to “autopilot” other tables at that moment and focus on just one for the time being.

Feel Free to Leave a Table

Not every table you choose is going to be good for you. Some will have tough opponents, and some will have opponents that can slow you down. For example, if there’s an opponent in a cash game that’s constantly three-betting you or even four-betting you, they can sometimes take a lot of your precious time for nothing.

In online poker, it’s easy to just leave a cash game table and switch it for another one. On the other hand, if you’re playing tournaments, you should always be ready to lose the initial buy-in if things go awry, even if it means quitting your game.

Play Within Your Limits

We have all kinds of limits, and the ones that are most important in online poker are your budget limits and your time limits.

Simply put, you should always prepare how much money you’re willing to spend on playing online poker. Moreover, you should understand how to best manage your bankroll, as that’s very important when you multi-table.

When it comes to time limits, we are all limited by time in one way or another. Some lose focus after a couple of hours, and some can play poker for days with minimum sleep. To achieve the best results, you need to play as long as you can give your best.

However, you should also take into account that if you want to multi-table, you need to gradually increase the amount of time you spend playing poker daily.

Understand That You’ll Lose Games a Lot

Variance can be a tricky thing. It’s the luck factor that makes us lose games sometimes. You should understand that when multi-tabling, you’re going to lose A LOT. Even the best poker players know that and accept it. Therefore, don’t let these things affect you when you multi-table, but keep calm and carry on.