King’s Resort To Reopen After Two Months

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There aren’t many casinos that have the title of being a poker center — especially not in Europe. However, one of them really turned out to be one of the most important places for poker players of the Old Continent — and, subsequently, for the entire world.

The name of this casino is King’s Resort, and it is located in Rozvadov, Czech Republic. It is at the very border with Germany, at the heart of Europe.

King’s Resort, just like many other casinos around the globe, had to close its doors when the coronavirus started hitting European countries. In fact, the government of the Czech Republic was among the first ones to put their country under a lockdown. There are not many casinos in this country, but those few had to shut their doors to visitors.

The thing with King’s Resort is that it attracted players from all over Europe. Germany and Italy are both close, so many players from these two countries were visiting often. When the outbreak of COVID-19 took place in Italy, the government of the Czech Republic feared that

King’s Resort could become one of the possible areas for spreading the virus. That’s why the casino was closed on March 13, in addition to King’s Casino Prague and Admiral Casino, Rozvadov.

All Casino Venues in the Czech Republic Reopen

The good news is that after two months of a complete lockdown, the casinos in the Czech Republic opened their doors. This means that the most important casino for European poker players is also back on track. Apart from poker cash games, players will be able to take part in roulette, blackjack, and slots.

On the other hand, tournaments will not begin yet in the casino, although officials do hope that they could start soon. However, that wouldn’t make much sense for players outside the Czech Republic as all travel is currently limited, and the Czech Republic still has pretty big restrictions when it comes to whom they let inside the borders.

Nevertheless, people who can go to the casino will have to follow some safety measures that comply with social distancing.

First of all, everyone who enters the casino will have to wear a face mask all the time, regardless of the area they are in at that moment. Moreover, whenever someone leaves a poker table or any other gaming area, a delegated person will disinfect that space before the next player sits down to play a game.

All employees will have to wear face shields. Moreover, there will be shields at the reception if someone needs to borrow it.

When it comes to food, it will not be possible to order it inside the casino. Everyone who wants to order food will have to exit the venue and eat at one of the tables that are placed outside the casino.

The delegated spot for ordering food will be approximately three meters away from the casino. These restrictions will be dismissed after two weeks.

King’s Resort is returning to life, and that’s great news for the European poker community. However, this is just the beginning of coming back to life. Before the casino could achieve its full potential, we need to see borders opening up and poker players coming to take part in legendary cash games and tournaments that take place in the venue.

However, it’s still rather early to guess when that could happen, as the coronavirus is still very present in Europe, despite showing that it is weakening due to the hot weather. Some sources claim that there could be a second wave after the summer, and that could further mess plans when it comes to organizing live poker tournaments.